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10 Practical Health Tips for Everyone to Stay Healthy and Safe

It is no longer news that billions of dollar are spent on health by each country of the world to protect their citizens, the money is used to training doctors, and nurses, build a hospital, buy drugs, buy or build other facilities needed to treat any kind of sickness and other health-related matters.

Health is the most thing for everyone both the rich and the poor because we can’t do anything if you are sick, that is why everyone is ready to spend the amount of money to stay healthy.

In this article I will share the best and most important Practical Health Tips for everyone to stay healthy and safe, these tips are for the old, young, man or woman.

10 Practical Health Tips

 1.  Eat Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet the most important thing we should take seriously in your daily life, make sure you eat good food that boots your immune system, this will help you to fight minor sickness.

Eating healthy or good food is not about eating your best food or sweet, or expensive food, it all about eating the right food at the right time, the combination of healthy food includes, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, and other food.

Consume less or no sugar, make sure you reduce eating food that comes with excess sugar.

 2.  Practice Safe Sex

If you are not married, it is important to practice safe sex, make sure you use a condom during sex.

Because you make contact sexual transmitted diseases, such as HIV, and other related diseases,

STD may lead to serious sickness or death.

 3.  Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking strong alcohol is dangerous for our health, it may damage your kidney, lungs and another part of the body, alcohol can also damage your repetition in the society because you may misbehave when you get drunk.

Don’t drink any harmful alcohol if you want to live a healthy and safe life.

 4. Sleep Well

Sleeping is very important for everyone either young or old, our body goes to rest and get heal anytime we sleep. Lack of good sleep can lead to a mentally, physical, and emotional problem which is bad for health.

Always maintain light dinner and also early so that your food with digest before going to bed, if you failed to do this, it will affect your body system negatively.

 5.  Regular Exercise

Exercise is very important for everyone especially if you want to lose weight, which is good because obesity is sickness itself.

Visit the gym at night, if you don’t have time in the morning

 6.  Don’t Smoke

A Smoker can never live a healthy and safe life because the effect of tobacco is harmful the body system not even the smoker alone but also known through hand exposure

Smoking causes heart disease, lung disease, and stroke.

 7.  Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly

High blood pressure or hypertension is also called a silent killer because most people don’t know their blood pressure status because they didn’t check it regularly.

It is important to check your blood pressure regularly so that you may know and started treating hypertension if you have, because it may not show any symptoms at the beginning.

Hypertension may lead to stroke, heart and kidney disease, check your blood pressure by a professional health worker, in this process, you will know your number if it is high or low get and follow advice from the health worker.

 8.  Drink Clean Water

Make sure you always drink good and clean water, it is very important for your body system, drinking bad and unsafe water will lead to any water-borne diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera, and others.

Don’t drink contaminated water, unclean, or colored water it is not good for your health.

9.  Prevent Yourself From Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes one of the smallest and the deadliest animals in the world over the years, dengue, lymphatic, chikungunya, and malaria are caused by mosquitoes bites.

Mosquitoes are everywhere the only thing you only do is to protect yourself from its bite, make sure you sleep under mosquitoes net, this will protect you and your family from mosquitoes bites.

Maintain a healthy environment, because a dirty environment causes mosquitoes and other harmful diseases.

10. Always See Your Doctor When You Sick

This is very important for everyone who wants to live a healthy and safe life, millions of people have met their untimely death through the use of self-medicated treatment and drug.

Don’t take any drug recommended by anyone who is not a health worker.

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