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Healthy Living

10 Proven Ways to Get in Shape

If you’ve been living in your comfort zone for several years, after a quick to be honest look in the mirror may reveal that you no look not younger like the college social media pics you’ve been recycling since 2006. Well, don’t worry. 

Downfall years of neglect won’t be easy, but luckily, there are a few exercises that can make a difference in a short time. To be honest, you may not be ready to begin some of them, but that’s what happens when you don’t exercise for long stretches of time.  

Remember that fitness is only a part of the equation; if you want the best results, you need to take attention to your meal and what you eat, too.

Here are 10 proven ways to get in shape Fastly

Workout at least 3 times a Week

What’s easier, exercising three times a week or seven? If you practice exercise daily, it would be easy for you to make it a habit. If you aren’t exercising at all, I recommend starting by exercising a half-hour every day. 

If you start by 100 in the beginning, you are likely to quit it, it would be easier for you if you start working out at least 3 times a week in the beginning

If you are already used to exercising, switching to three or four days to fit your daily routine may be acceptable, but it is a lot harder to maintain a habit you don’t do every day.

Formulate a workout plan

Set the goal for 40-minute workouts each week, at specific times. You should take your workout routine seriously and must not miss it. Try to vary your routine — maybe it’s tennis one day and a dance class on another to challenge yourself and ward off workout boredom.

Eat the right food

Know what you eat. If you are a novice, don’t get disturbed over details like whether you are getting enough Omega 3’s, but focus on the big things. Take a look at the foods you eat in your daily routine and understand whether they are healthy or not. 

Make sure you are not misled by the falsely ‘so-called healthy snacks’ that are pretending to be healthy and good for you.

The basic nutritional advice seems to be:

  • Eat unprocessed
  • Eat more veggies
  • Take meat as a side dish, not the main course

Set a fitness goal

Give yourself enough time to reach your fitness goals. Set calculated goals. 

Ask questions from yourselves such as “Why do I want to get in shape?”, “Why do I want to be healthy?”, etc.  

This will motivate you to keep you going on longer. After setting up your goals, divide it into smaller portions, it will help you achieve it effortlessly. And, reward yourself when you reach a particular goal. 

Do a reality check

Be completely honest with yourself about how to fit you. If you want to get in shape, you need to know that it is a personal journey and it needs a realistic self-evaluation. Some beginners try too hard in the starting which can prove to be dangerous for them sometimes. 

So the wise advice is that you need to take it slow. Track your daily progress is a wise solution. 


Pull-ups can be tough.  

In order to make it easy, you can start with a modified pull-up using a low bar. You have to slowly and steadily be able to do a jump pull-up, a negative pull-up, a band-assisted pull-up, and eventually, a full pull-up. 

It does not matter which exercise you do in the starting, you have to do a full range of motion. Bring your chest completely up to the bar with your elbows fully bent while pressing your shoulder blades together, before extending your elbows as you lower yourself away from the bar. 


If compared to the pull-ups, push-ups are easy. But, few people cannot do it. 

You can start with a wall push-up, an elevated push-up, a knee push-up, a push-up negative, a full push-up, and many other wild push-up variations. 

Please make sure you are moving through a full range of motion. Lower your chest close to the ground. Keeping your core tight and your hips in line with your heels and shoulders.

Seek support

You’re less likely to bail on a workout if you know a friend is waiting for you, and having a partner is good for emotional support too. 

Look for people who can help you, people who represent the fitness lifestyle you desire. Don’t compare yourself to others trying to match their high standards may just make you want to quit.

Cut out sugar

Sugar is a toxin for your body so avoided taking more in your daily routine. Government policy aside (go research some of the shady connections relating to sugar and the government), so sugar counts as negative calories. It does you harm, spikes your insulin levels (the fat-creating hormone) and ruins your sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water daily, not soda, not fruit juice, not alcohol. Make sure, have some of those other liquids in small amounts but keep those cells full of water and they’ll both control your hunger and recover faster from the moving you’ve done all day.


So, you want to get in shape. The above tips will definitely help you get in shape. Make sure you are eating right and healthy food. Because it is all about the food you eat in the end. Tale help for those who have already achieved greatness in this field. 

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