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3 tips to maintain a beautiful Centipede grass lawn.

The low upkeep of centipede grass makes it a popular lawn choice for many households. Centipede grass thrives in the coastal plains, where the soil and lawn conditions are ideal, thanks to its ability to withstand drought, extreme heat, and infrequent cutting.

Your yard will need little to no maintenance once this type of grass is planted. Until then, it’s ideal to have a professional lawn care service to your Centipede grass lawn fertilizer. Here we have summarized the important 3 tips to maintain a beautiful Centipede grass lawn:

  1. Water

Watering may be necessary for the dry winter months in some coastal plain locations, even though they receive enough rain to keep centipede grass healthy in the spring and summer. If you observe signs of dehydration, such as the grass blades curling and changing colour, you should water your lawn.

  1. Cut

The homeowner ensures that the grass is cut to the correct height and regularity to maintain its quality. Cut the lawn every seven days to keep the grass at 2 inches or less. To reduce the likelihood of thatch accumulation, keep the grass cut to a height of 1 to 1.5 inches. When mowing or cutting, make sure you have sharp blades.

  1. Fertilize

Centipede grass has to be fertilized often to keep it healthy. It is recommended to fertilize at least once a year to maintain healthy growth and expansion. Some of the greatest Centipede lawns are only fertilized once or twice a year with very minimal doses of fertilizer.

One or two fertilizer applications are recommended during the growing season for the best appearance: one in the spring after new growth begins and one in the middle of summer. The service providers will manage the soil’s acidity to prevent the grass from becoming chlorotic.

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