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8 Important Tips when Dealing with Memory loss in Parents

Memory loss is a health issue that affects millions of aging adults worldwide today. It can occur to almost anyone especially with those in a later age group. The key to dealing with such a disease involves using a suitable management approach. As a family member, you want the best treatment so you have to consider various tips and factors to ensure the best results for parents. Fortunately, this guide looks at a few tips when dealing with memory loss in parents:


1. Encourage Positivity in Your Parent

Memory loss can substantially negatively impact the parent’s life quality. It can cause them to have negative states of mind and perceptions about life. Furthermore, the treatment process is often exhaustive for both the patient and loved ones, and it can often be extremely difficult to cope. Practicing positivity helps ensure that you support the parent through such a difficult time with ease. Positivity can include reaffirmations and visualization techniques.


2. Help Them Create Visual Signals

Visual signals are a critical resource when learning how to deal with memory loss in parents. The reason is that the signs are easy to access and visible to your parent each time they have such an experience. The key to success is placing them around strategic positions in your parent’s home. The visual signs can include text, images, or signs that help remind the parent of essential life details. You will work alongside the parent to create the visual signals and then advise using them. For instance, you can keep notes by the fridge or areas in the house that can help trigger memory and a reminder.

Visual Signals


3. Learn to Use Memory Loss Technology

There are various types of technology that can benefit parents with memory loss issues. A good example would be smartphones, in which the individual can set specific and detailed reminders. It can also include the use of customized applications that help to address such phone functions. The technology can also include tools such as alarms or audible speakers, which help to remind your parent about essential life details. You can use helpful services like google, or amazon Alexa to review certain reminders throughout the day like taking medications or any important reminders


4. Maintain Excellent Communication

You also have to keep in touch with your parent regularly. Platforms such as social media and messaging apps make for a convenient way to address such a goal. You will find it easy to share feedback and give real-time information using this method. Ensure that you also save your phone contacts on the parent’s device with attention-grabbing names.


5. Learn More About the Your Parent’s Lifestyle

An essential aspect of treating memory loss involves learning more about your parent’s lifestyle preferences. It’s vital if you don’t live in the same setting as your parent. You have to map out the lifestyles, determining which approaches can suit their needs. Learn about their daily obligations and factors such as social preferences.

If this is not an option, you may want to consult with your parents about considering living in an assisted care home. These facilities will provide the care and essentials needed to care for your parents

Elderly Lifestyle

6. Consult with Family and Friends

Family and friends provide an excellent support system for your effectiveness in dealing with memory loss. You have to consult with them actively to ensure they provide helpful information addressing the issue. Your family might even chip in financially or physically as a part of the rehabilitative process. Ensure that you involve family members with the most social impact on your parents, such as siblings or first cousins.


7. Encourage them to Maintain their Treatment

You will also have to help your parent maintain the prescription schedule they were given at the hospital. While it’s a difficult process for any challenge, it can be crucial for the recovery outcomes that your parents will access. The treatment should consider all the lifestyle and specific needs that your parent with memory loss has experienced. It should also involve a modernized treatment approach which is often effective. You can also be talking to your parent’s doctor to ask for more advice or information to help them make an informed decision.


8. Help Them to Keep A Record

You also have to keep a concise record of the interactions and experiences with your parent during each session. The records will considerably impact how you can evaluate and upraise each approach you use. It will also help you show your parent. The progress you have been making during the entire process. You can keep the record in the form of a digital document or notebook. It should contain dates, important notes, and the most effective methods.



As you have noticed, there is more to dealing with memory loss in parents than one would ever expect. Aside from using the traditional medical approaches, you also have to consider various factors and the help of technology for the best results.

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