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9 good reasons to ban mobile phones, tablets, and TVs for children

The use of technology by children and young people supports an important thesis regarding the great health dangers that excessive use can entail, often underestimated by parents.

Also in these lockdown days, the school are not open and children all day and night sitting inside the home and watch movies on Netflix, kissanime , and play video games on PS5, and this is a very alarming situation.

Hence, children and young people use technology 4-5 times more than the recommended amount of hours, with serious and often life-threatening consequences.

Portable devices (mobile phones, tablets, electronic games) have significantly increased the accessibility and use of technology, especially by very young children.

1. Rapid brain growth
Between 0 and 2 years, children’s brains triple in size and continue to develop rapidly until the individual’s 21 years of age. It has been shown that stimulation on a developing brain, generated by overexposure to technology.

2. Delays in development
The use of technology restricts movement, and this can cause developmental delays. Currently, one in three children enters school with developmental delays that negatively affect literacy and academic achievement. Movement improves attention and learning ability.

The use of technology, under the age of 12, is harmful and dangerous to the development and learning of the child.

3. Obesity more and more widespread
Exposure to TV and video games is associated with an increase in obesity. Children who have electronic devices in the bedroom report 30% more cases of obesity. 30% of obese children will develop diabetes, and obese people are more exposed to the risk of stroke and heart attack, which severely reduce life expectancy.

4. Sleep deprivation
60% of parents do not control their children’s use of technology. And 75% of children have technological devices in the room. 75% of 9- and 10-year-olds do not sleep enough, so much so that school performance suffers dramatically.

5. Mental illnesses
Excessive use of technology is one of the causative factors of the increase in childhood depression, anxiety, attachment disorders, attention deficit, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and problematic behavior.

6. Aggression
Violent media content can generate aggression in the child. The video game Grand Theft Auto V contains explicit scenes of sex, murder, violence, torture, and mutilation, as well as many films and TV shows.

7. Digital dementia
The ever-faster content of the media can contribute to the development of attention-deficit, and to the decrease of concentration and memory, as the brain eliminates neuronal traces from the frontal cortex. Children who can’t pay attention don’t learn.

8. Dependencies
Parents increasingly glued to technology are drifting away from their children. When the parental attachment is lacking, children can cling to electronic devices and this can cause addiction. One in 11 boys, between the ages of 8 and 18, is addicted to technology.

9. Unsustainability
The way children are raised and educated in technology are no longer sustainable. Children are our future, but there is no future for the very young who abuse technology. A “team” approach is urgent and necessary to reduce the use of technology by children.

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