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A Reputed Hyperbaric Medical Societies Explains How HBOT Can Benefits Autistic Kids

Hyperbaric medical society

Since the last decade, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has gained quite a traction as an alternative treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. There have been numerous cases where significant behavioral and physiological improvements have been seen in autistic kids after they underwent hyperbaric therapy.

However, since HBOT is yet to get approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of ASD and other neurological disorders, many parents are still skeptical about this treatment. This where hyperbaric medical societies come in.

What is the Contribution of a Hyperbaric Medical Society?

Most hyperbaric medical societies like the premier International Hyperbarics Association, are educational and charitable organizations to meet the needs and expectations of the hyperbaric community. From clinic owners to doctors, caregivers, and ever corporates’ who use hyperbaric chambers can become members of hyperbaric medical societies. Apart from providing doctors with the latest research in the field of HBOT, hyperbaric medical societies also aim to educate people about hyperbaric and the latest developments taking place in that field. Given that there is still a lot of question answered by how HBOT can help autistic people, educating people about it is the best and the fastest way to help the patients fight this health condition. Now that you have an idea about the function of a hyperbaric society, let’s understand what hyperbaric therapy is and how it can benefit autistic children in the long run.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is an alternative treatment method used for years by doctors to counter various medical disorders like diabetic foot ulcers, decompression sickness, gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, and many more such ailments.

Over the years various research papers have found HBOT effective in countering the symptoms of ASD like oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, cerebral hypoperfusion, and inflammation. Hyperbaric therapy involves inhaling pure oxygen in an airtight compartment known as the hyperbaric chamber under air pressure two to three times higher than the normal.

The heightened pressure inside the chamber enables the large amounts of oxygen to dissolve in all body fluids including blood. This enables the oxygen to reach the damaged or injured part of the where blood flow is either restricted or impaired. As we all know, oxygen releases something called growth factors that promotes the natural healing process of our body.

There are still many parents and caregivers who have doubts about the efficacy of hyperbaric therapy as HBOT is yet to be recognized as a mainstream treatment procedure for ASD and other neurodevelopmental ailments. Likewise, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding this treatment for ASD, which all hyperbaric medical societies all around the world try to clear out.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Autism

Hyperbaric experts have long suggested that children diagnosed with autism to undergo hyperbaric sessions as are significant benefits of this treatment. Many case studies have been conducted where it has been seen that autistic children who underwent hyperbaric sessions displayed significant improvement in behavioral and physiological characteristics.

Research suggests that children suffering from autism benefit immensely from hyperbaric oxygen therapy because of the remarkable increase in cerebral perfusion that takes place during an HBOT session.

Breathing in pure oxygen in amounts more than what we normally breathe in can increase the arterial pressure of the gas on the patient’s brain and body. Due to the increase of arterial pressure, more oxygen will be delivered to a person’s brain helping to bring down the inflammation. HBOT not only helps in bringing down the pro-inflammatory cytokines but also improves mitochondrial dysfunction and amps up the production of antioxidant enzymes that are normally found in autistic individuals.

The effect of hyperbaric therapy on children diagnosed with autism has been studied by many scientists and researchers and most of the studies have found that there has been a considerable improvement in the clinical condition of autistic children.

In most of these studies, the kids showed remarkable improvement in areas of self-help skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination, and linguistic development. Many of the scientific studies also found that hyperbaric therapy has been successful in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

In Conclusion

Various hyperbaric medical societies like the International Hyperbarics Association have been working industriously to educate and aware of the general populace about the benefits of HBOT for autism. This is done to give assurance and clear doubts among parents and caregivers of autistic individuals so that they can approach their doctors for the right treatment.

Hyperbaric medical societies are also carrying out campaigns to gain FDA approval for HBOT to treat ASD. Once HBOT gets a green signal from the FDA, caregivers and parents will be able to seek insurance for the hyperbaric sessions and post-treatment costs easily.

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