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FeaturedMental Health

Activities During the Spravato Monitoring Period

Thinking about spravato speaking with your healthcare practitioner is the first step. Get the information you need to make a joint decision about whether spravato should be a part of your overall treatment strategy for your treatment-resistant depression.

When determining if spravato is the correct treatment for you with your healthcare practitioner, be prepared to discuss your general medical and depression treatment history.

Making Treatment Plans with SPRAVATO

Only a spravato treatment facility that has been approved by the FDA may administer spravato under the direction of a medical professional. This could not be the same place as your typical doctor’s office. Throughout your spravato therapy, your healthcare practitioner will remain involved in your care and will be on hand to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Getting Ready for Treatment

After your second visit to the spravato treatment facility, you can begin your therapy. Organize transportation to and from the rehab facility. You won’t be able to drive, use equipment, or perform any other activity that requires full alertness until the day after a treatment session and after a sound sleep. Bring entertainment for the session, such as a book or CD. For at least two hours following treatment, a medical professional at the treatment facility will keep an eye on you.

Eat nothing two hours before the therapy session, and don’t drink anything for 30 minutes beforehand. When using spravato, some people may feel queasy or throw up. Take nasal corticosteroids or nasal decongestant medications at least one hour before taking

Activities during the Spravato Monitoring Period

Given the many advantages it may provide, using Spravato for the first time can be thrilling. You must stay at your visit for two hours following your initial Spravato dose so that your doctor can watch out for any potential adverse effects.

Due to the sedative effects of spravato, this monitoring period is an excellent opportunity to unwind and carry out some low-key activities. Are you unsure of what to do when having a Spravato monitoring? Here are four useful activities you may do when monitoring your spravato administration.


If you do not feel significantly sedated while being observed, you could feel at ease doing some light reading. A favourite book or magazine can be a smart choice. Books that need intense concentration or that deal with difficult issues might not be the best choice. Giving your body and mind time and space to unwind and adapt is the main objective here.

Listening to Music

One of the greatest ways to pass the time during the Spravato monitoring period is to listen to music. It can also assist with a brief period of moderate anxiety that some patients experience just after receiving the medication. One item that promotes relaxation is music. You don’t want to stand up and dance, but it might keep you interested and busy. Select a piece of music that you like to listen to unwind. There’s a chance that your doctor and the nurses will have their own preferences and suggestions. Feel free to bring headphones and a favourite playlist for your treatment visits.


If you have experience with meditation, the monitoring period may be a perfect opportunity to practise this beneficial activity. Make use of the 2-hour monitoring session to practise mantras, do breathing techniques, and declutter your thoughts. The myriad benefits that come with meditation can only add value to this essential part of the Spravato administration process.

Simply Relaxing

Of course, you might always choose to unwind and make yourself comfy! During the time following taking Spravato, you may experience substantial sedation. You could be prevented from doing things like reading that call for extra concentration as a result. It is quite OK to let yourself unwind and take some time to rest.

Taking Stock of Yourself

It’s crucial to listen to your body during the monitoring phase, no matter what you decide to do.

For instance, spravato may briefly raise your blood pressure up to 4 hours after your dose. Before and after your session, your medical staff will check your blood pressure, but it’s crucial that you also keep an eye on your symptoms.

After taking Spravato, let your doctor know if you suffer any chest pains, shortness of breath, sudden severe headaches, changes in your eyesight, or strange movements. Although modest and transient alterations in cognition, such as forgetfulness or the impression that you cannot think properly, are frequently very away after administration, these effects usually disappear within a few hours.


While you’re seeing a doctor, take some time to relax, sleep a bit, and rest your body. This gives the body energy and aids in both physical and mental health.

Get the Treatment You Need Today

Have you been thinking about taking Spravato for treatment resistant depression  . Contact a member of our staff right away. They can help you weigh your alternatives and decide whether Spravato is the best choice for you.


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