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Best healthy living tips for college students in 2021

Research shows that students are able to perform well when they stay healthy. College provides healthcare facilities and services, physical activities, adequate organization time, which are basics for a healthy life for a student.

Students need to make wise decisions and plan for a healthy life. This article will discuss healthy living tips for college students ranging from diet, sleep, sexual health, managing illness, stress, mental health, and exercise.

The following are the top-rated tips to help a student stay healthy in college;

1.      Observe proper diet

Every student requires a proper diet for healthier memory and attentiveness. They are able to learn better when nourished with a proper diet. Different studies show that healthy eating has been linked to quality grades. The following are important points to note;

  • Prioritize breakfast

Scholarly research papers indicate that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Having a good meal in the morning determines how your body responds to activities you will carry out, whether physical or mental.  Start your day with a balanced diet to ensure good performance throughout the day.

  • Avoid skipping meals

There is so much to do in college that a student may choose to forgo meals to attend classes or other activities hungry. Skipping meals is unhealthy since your body needs the energy to carry on tasks. Always have ready food or snacks that can be taken on the runway if you are in a rush

  • Drink water

Research shows that almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. Water is essential for normal the body to function. It freshens up the brain and helps you stay active. Your body needs to be hydrated in order to carry all other processes.

2.      Managing stress and mental health

Students are prone to stress. If not managed well can lead to depression. Students with poor organization and planning skills can be victims of stress. Here are tips to help you avoid stress;

  • Draw a routine – Fixing all your to-do activities in the day help you accomplish the goals with less effort. This keeps you off the stress of undone work.
  • Seek help – it is important to understand you cannot handle all issues on your own. You need your friends and teachers to help you with academic responsibilities. You need your family for emotional and financial support. Access online writing sites for help with your assignments to avoid stress when doing your coursework writing.

3.      Draw a sleeping schedule

Sleep is an important process for human development. An adult is supposed to sleep for an average of 6 to 8hours per day. Enough sleep boosts the student’s performance and helps the brain and body to relax after undergoing tough activities. Here are the tips to help you get enough sleep

  • Do not work to bed

Finish your homework and assignment at the study table. Avoid extending work to bed to ensure you sleep enough time to prevent insomnia. Leave pending work to be completed later.

  • Take a nap

Spare some little time during the day and take a nap. The brain is prone to exhaustion when it is put to work continuously. A short nap can energize you and improve your general performance.

4.      Do Exercise

College schedule can be tight with a lot of homework, assignments, project writing, hang out time, writing exams etc. Fitting exercises in the schedule can be difficult. Despite this challenge, exercise is vital for your health. A student can perform the following exercises to stay healthy.

  • Riding – Substitute taking a bus to school with riding a bike. This allows you to exercise your limbs for healthy joints.
  • Take a fitness course- taking fitness for tuition can be advantageous to a student. They gain their academic qualification and work out to keep healthy.
  • Stretch – The body may feel stiff after sitting for long hours while studying. It is a good practice to stand up and stretch your body. This will help you to stay active, prevent pain and stiffness, etc.

5.      Managing illness

College is a communal living with diverse multitude sharing facilities like learning space.  Contagious diseases and viruses such as cold and flu are easily spread. Here are tips to help you stay free from illnesses

  • Wash your hands – Contact with contaminated surfaces can transfer disease-causing organisms into your body through the mouth, nose, or eyes. It is advisable to wash your hands regularly with running water and soap.
  • Visit your doctor regularly – If you have any signs of illness visit your doctor immediately to get medical attention to avoid worsening or spreading to others.
  • Seclusion – If you are infected with contagious illnesses, it is noble to seek permission to stay away from classes until you recover. When your colleagues are infected, stay away from them to avoid contracting the disease.

To finalize

It is possible to manage healthy living in college despite the tight schedule. It only requires a little effort and making wise decisions. A student who overlooks the above tips for a healthy life in college is likely to stop their studies due to health issues.

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