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Can Vaping Replace Smoking?

There is a serious debate about whether the arrival of vaping and its widespread popularity has really worked up to its initial purpose to replace traditional smoking. According to the latest statistics, the death rate due to smoking has reduced, however, vape-related injuries and diseases are on their rise. The situation is enough to confuse anyone who has switched to vaping so that he would quit smoking. A concrete answer is required about the possibility of vaping acting as a replacement for smoking. While e-cigarettes are not approved from the FDA as a smoke quitting source, the increasing business of selling wholesale e-liquids, vaping pens, pods, and kits is highlighting something else.

A lot of people have claimed that vaping has successfully become the perfect replacement for their smoking addiction. Nonetheless, the issue remains the same. According to the health ministry, it is not a replacement that is needed but a solution because both vapes and cigarettes are harmful in their own way. The vaping industry is continuously and successfully trying to finish the traditional cigarette sales so that people will upgrade just as they do with other things.

What Are E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are different type of devices that helps you inhale nicotine in the form of vapours. There is no fire or ash involved in the process. These devices are fully battery operated. Invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, e-cigarettes are the most sold devices all over the world.  They are also termed as vapes as using e-cigarettes is called vaping. There are different types of vapes including cig alikes, vaping pens, vaping pods, vaping kits, and vaping mods. All these types of vape perform the same action, with slight advancements and upgrade in the user satisfaction feature. Some of the vapes are electric while others use USB charging or batteries to work.

How Do They Work

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and release and ash or smoke. In vaping, nicotine is not released in smoke, rather it gets mixed with the vapours or mist. Vapes do not rely on combustion and heat the nicotine liquid with the battery power. The switch of the device turns on the vaporizing activity after which the user inhales the mist and exhales vapours clouds.

There are three major parts of a vaping device that are as follows:

  • Lithium batteries
  • Vaporizing chamber
  • Cartridge

Just like a phone battery helps your phone to keep working, the lithium batteries in the vape powers up the device to produce the vapours by mixing nicotine with water and flavour. This process occurs in the vaporization chamber that is directly attached to the battery. When the vape is turned on, the atomizer creates the mist that is converted into vaping clouds when the user inhales it. Different e-liquid flavours are available in the market that enhances the pleasurable experience of vaping. This is also one of the major reason why more people are shifting from smoking to vaping.

The More Harmful One: Vape Or Cigarette?

A review was published in the UK’s Public Health England that vaping was 95 percent less harmful than smoking. Another study stated that groups of almost 19000 people have successfully quit smoking after switching to vaping. These studies reflect that smoking is slowly being replaced by vaping. However, there is no clear evidence that vaping is safe by any means.

People are satisfied by the surface level knowledge that a cigarette contains more than 4000 harmful chemical compounds while vape contains only 5 components including distilled water, nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, and a range of flavours. Nonetheless, they aren’t aware that all these components can prove to be just as harmful, and in some cases, more harmful than a cigarette. What vapers fail to understand that Vaping is not actually helping them in any way. They are just switching from one addiction to another. When all the chemical components get mixed in the vape cartridge, they create the vapours the same way as the chemicals used in artificial fog machines do.

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Vaping And Its Success As A Replacement For Smoking

There is no doubt that both vaping and smoking have proven harm and risk to health, we cannot deny the speed with which vaping is replacing the traditional ways of smoking. There are a lot of people who have successfully left smoking completely because of the following perks of vaping.

Increased Satisfaction

When you smoke, you do not get the amount of satisfaction that you can get by vaping. Smoke coming from the cigarette is often inhaled by the smokers that make smoking more harmful. Vaping is quite the opposite because you are not inhaling any burning tobacco smoke, rather you vaporize the nicotine mixed with different flavours.

Ease Of Use

When you take out your cigarette pack in a public gathering, every eye will be set on you doubtfully. However, vaping in your friends’ gathering looks cool. Vapes are easy to use, so it doesn’t matter how technically challenged you are, you can still vape.

No Bad Breaths

Smokers always have to keep chewing gums of breath neutralizers with them, but vapers don’t need that. Why? Because the variety of flavours do not only enhance their vaping experience but also saves them from having bad breath.

Final Word

To conclude, we must say that vaping can surely replace smoking. However, it is not recommended to jump from one addiction to another where both have adverse health effects.

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