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Different Types of Elderly Care Services You Can Avail

When you have elderly relatives or parents and you are unable to care for them, you feel so helpless. Hiring an elderly care service is the best solution you can have in this difficult scenario. However, it would be still wise to talk to your elderly parents or relatives about their preferences like what sort of care they need, do they need elderly care services for meal preparation only or they are looking for a comprehensive care plan that also includes bathing.

Asking them is helpful in the sense that it will let them analyze what they can manage and what they cannot. Given below are some of the elderly care services that you can get from different elderly care companies serving in your area.

Nursing Homes

In this type of elderly care, you have to ask your elders about their consent. If they are ready to move to a nursing home, there is nothing better than this. In nursing homes, usually have skilled nurses or caregivers who provide 24/7 assistance to their clients.

They provide a high level of medical care and professional assistance. However, when you go for this option, you have to ask them if they are providing short term residence or it is a permanent residency. Usually, seniors with serious medical conditions are shifted to nursing homes for short term rehabilitation and when they recover completely, they can go back to their homes.

Home Assistance

If you want to hire someone for personal home care, you surely can. It is a quite suitable option for those who are not willing to leave their home even for a day but still it is quite challenging for them to carry out their daily living without assistance.

These nurses are fully trained to provide a high level of medical care at home. These nurses also help them with their meals. You can hire these nurses for a 24/7 job, according to your convenience like if you think that you can take care of your elders during the night, you can hire someone accordingly.

Custodial Care

Custodial care is provided by someone who is not trained from any medical institution but he is trained enough to assist in other daily life activities like meal preparation, dressing, eating and even if you want them to provide you elderly care services for bathing, you can do this.

Usually, this sort of senior care is hired for people suffering from Alzheimer or dementia. You can ask for custodial care both at home and in an adult foster care home. They have also established nursing homes for providing custodial care. You just have to tell them about the type of service you need.

Skilled Care

Then, there is an option of going for skilled care. Skilled care is provided for serious patients who need continuous medical care. These nurses are fully trained for providing medical assistance to senior citizen. If any of your elderly is physically impaired or is suffering from life long illness, you should resort to skilled elderly care. Skilled care represents medical services, such as physical therapy, catheter care, and intravenous drug administration, that can only be provided by licensed or qualified medical personnel.

Memory Care

Many elderly care facilities offer a dedicated space for people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, although some facilities only treat older people with memory problems. This specific group requires twenty-four-hour support and carefully selected activities that do not compromise their safety or well-being. The elderly care facilities have specialized personnel who take care of patients with memory problems. They have years of experience and training in handling special patients.

Independent Living Communities for Seniors

Also known as retirement or group care communities, independent living communities are perfect for those with few medical problems and who are quite still strong enough to live independently. Accommodation is in the form of apartments that vary in size from studios to two bedrooms with all the necessary facilities. Residents have access to personalized meal packages, as well as multiple social outings and fun occasions to choose from. Retirement communities generally need private payment plans. But the payment plan is friendly too.

Virtual Attendant Care

A virtual attendant is a means of providing home care using Internet technologies. Older people living alone at home have a tablet that can monitor their safety and mood, receive medication reminders, and most importantly communicate with others, decreasing feelings of isolation and dementia.

Although hands-on care is not given, virtual supportive care holds great promise in reducing the cost of care and improving the lives of senior citizens living alone in their homes.

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