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DIY Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices – Try Out Now

“As a child, I heard a quote which I still firmly believe in. It goes like ‘you look good you feel good’. For me, the most important part of feeling good is having good skin. My skin is the first thing anybody will see about me, so I never shied away from investing in good skincare. I used to struggle with my skin so much and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to me. Moreover, no matter how careful I was while choosing the right product, I was always left with side-effects. Furthermore, these parlor skin treatments are so time-consuming as well as heavy on our pocket. Sometime back I shifted to trying home remedies and it worked like magic. So I’m going to share my favorite home skincare packs:

Check Out Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices


You can never guess how wonderful turmeric is. It is antibiotic and anti-septic. In essence, it means it can cure almost every skin problem.

  1. 1/4 tsp of turmeric+1tbsp of coconut- twice a week

This face pack works well for all skin types

STYL-FACT: coconut oil will prevent your skin from getting stained and will keep is soft.

Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices


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The biggest pimple popping up on the most day? I’m sure we have all been there. Here is what you need to prevent such ‘surprises’

  1. ¼ tsp cinnamon+2 tbsp honey- twice a week

Not many of us know this but cinnamon has antibacterial properties and improves blood circulation. Both of which are important for clear and healthy skin.

STYL-FACT: honey is full of anti-oxtidants. They are great for skin so either use it in a pack or directly consume it.

Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices



Blackheads are basically those little bumps we have on our face especially on our nose. I get jitters as soon as I think about blackhead removal. But here I have for you a painless method for skincare:

  1. Blend a few coriander leaves with 2tsps of turmeric into a very fine paste. Keep it one overnight and wash with cold water- twice a week.

Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices




Saffron contains a lot of vitamins(A, C) and mineral(zinc, potassium etc). These help in healing the skin a removing dullness and lines.

  1. 4 strands of saffron(soak overnight) + 1tsp milk+ dash of sugar + 2-3 drop coconut oil- twice a week for 15 minutes.

Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices

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How much we all hate those red, itchy bumps on our face. And for oily skin matters are even worse. I find fenugreek seeds very effective. They are antiseptic and cooling in nature to remove discomfort. I assure you this remedy will cure your acne inflammation.

  1. 2-3 tsps fenugreek seeds (soak them overnight)→grind into paste→apply it and let it dry→wash with cold water.- twice a week

Home Made Skin Care Packs Using Spices



These are my top 5 home-made packs to get flawless skin. We are so inclined towards using ‘branded products’ that we often forget easier alternatives. You can whip up any of these packs from the common spices in your kitchen. These methods are easier, cheaper, less time consuming, more effective and definitely long-lasting. I always suggest focusing on methods which give long-lasting effects rather than fast effects. After all beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare!

Rahul Rai

I am working as Digital Promotor at Styl Inc

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