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Does The P-Shot Really Work?

With aging comes an impact on men’s sexual health. One of the most probable reasons for this lack of performance is the overall weakening of tissues. Declining testosterone levels is another most significant cause of this issue.

It may be worth mentioning that aging is not the only reason for reduced sexual performance in men. The good news is that male sexual health is replenishable, thanks to significant advancements in the field of medicine. One of the options to deal with men’s sexual health issues is the P-shot treatment (PRP approach), which uses platelet-rich plasma to achieve several health goals.

However, most people ask if the P-shot technique actually works. We are going to find it out in this post, so read on.

Does P-Shot Treatment Work?

The short answer to this question is yes. This treatment has helped a lot many men regain their sexual performance. More specifically, it is a more viable erectile dysfunction treatment in Dubai. Hence, people who have difficulty acquiring or maintaining an erection are suitable candidates for this treatment. As a result, they have improved firmness and better-quality erections.

Another of the most significant advantages of this treatment is that it is compatible with almost every individual experiencing sexual performance issues. Although the degree to which a man responds to a P-Shot injection in Dubai may differ from others, this procedure is significantly less likely to fail.

Now, the question is, what happens when you get PRP from one area of the body and inject it back into the other. The characteristics of platelets change when they get concentrated in a small space. They typically release growth factors that encourage healthy cell production. Concentrated platelets also track and eliminate damaged cells.

PRP works similarly to wound healing. Imagine you have a cut on your body. First, your platelets will find the outflow of blood and supply growth factors to help form clotting. This clotting contains platelets in higher concentrations.

This concentration becomes denser when your body starts creating a swelling response in the area. This swelling brings more blood and platelets to the site, creating a platelet-rich environment that promotes healing.

Initiating Natural Injury Healing-Like Response

Sure, sustaining a severe injury to your penis would be the last thing you want. However, something like an injury healing response – minus the injury – in your penile tissues can help treat several problems, including ED. Injecting PRP is the exact way to initiate that response. This procedure is essentially a way to make the body believe there is an injury. In turn, it responds by starting an injury healing process.

Another reason for many penile problems is the cell decay happening as you age. Penile cells and tissues lose their function usually after the age of 40, leading to issues such as erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is almost a common sexual disorder among aged men and they all are concerned about it. The good thing about PRP is it helps replace those worn-out cells with healthy ones, replenishing your penile strength and function. PRP starts working as soon as it is injected into the penis, and you will start experiencing a significant improvement in 2-3 weeks.

The Way PRP Transforms Penile Tissues

Your doctor will target a few tissue types when injecting PRP into your penis. The most essential one is the corpus cavernosum – a sponge-like tissue that soaks up the blood and causes the penis to expand. This process is how an erection is achieved. Hence, you want this tissue to be in good health.

Another tissue to target is the muscle that allows the blood to get to the corpus cavernosum. This muscle tissue is identical to floodgates that should open to allow the flow of blood. These tissues typically disallow blood flow. However, they open when they detect nitric oxide. The insensitivity of these tissues to nitric oxide may cause erectile dysfunction(علاج ضعف الانتصاب).

P-Shot (PRP) helps replace poorly performing cells in both these areas to make your penis more responsive to body signals. Your doctor will inject PRP in many areas of your penis to ensure an adequate supply of concentrated platelets in all the right places.

The Safest Way to Treat Problems with the Penis

There is virtually no chance of your body rejecting PRP that comes straight out of your arm (as this is your own body part). A typical PRP shot does not contain any enhancers or any donor-supplied materials. Hence, the procedure-related side effects are unlikely.

Final Verdict

In the end, the safety and effectiveness of P-Shot treatment will depend on your doctor’s level of expertise. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a certified clinic for this treatment. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a trusted resource where you can discuss all your treatment options related to men’s health. All you have to do is book a consultation.

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