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Foods to Eat to Eliminate Insomnia

Eliminate Insomnia

Those who suffer from insomnia can understand how much it hurts. He spent the whole night side by side hoping for sleep. But sleep does not match. Many people take sleeping pills on the advice of a doctor for sleep. Again, many people take sleeping pills without a prescription.

Sleeping pills have serious side effects, whether with a doctor’s advice or without a prescription. So there is no need to take sleeping pills on the other side because of sleep deprivation. Instead, focus on natural things.

There are some foods that will work a lot like sleeping pills. Want to know what those foods are? Let’s find out.

Almonds are called super food. Because the vitamins and minerals in walnuts protect us from various diseases. The mineral magnesium in almonds stimulates sleep. According to a study in the Journal of Earthmolecular Medicine, “When we have low levels of magnesium in our body, we start having insomnia. Almonds make up for this magnesium deficiency.”

The habit of eating only 1/2 teaspoon of honey before going to sleep helps to sleep. Studies have shown that sweetened natural sugar increases the levels of insulin in our body and that a hormone called tryptophan can easily enter the brain. This stimulates sleep.

Nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbot says, ‘Eat a banana without actually sleeping, banana potassium helps to relax the brain’. Collar magnesium is also especially effective in relaxing our muscles. Clinical psychologist Michael Bruce said, “Eat a banana or a banana smoothie before you go to sleep. Sleep will come automatically.”

Sweet Potatoes:
Sweet potatoes are a very good source of potassium which works to relax our muscles, nerves. In this way our brain is also relaxed to a great extent. Nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbot said, “Only half a sweet potato is good for sleep because it contains potassium and carbs.”

Milk is a food that is especially effective in acting as a sleeping pill. Researchers say that milk produces calcium melatonin, which helps control our body’s 24-hour sleep and wakefulness cycle. So don’t sleep, actually drink 1 glass of warm milk. You will see that you will fall asleep very easily.

Eggs are another good food for sleep. Studies have shown that eggs are a high-protein food that helps control blood sugar levels, which helps you sleep soundly throughout the night. So put boiled eggs or any food rich in protein for dinner.

Herbal Tea or Green Tea:
Green tea or herbal teas contain thianine which is especially helpful for sleep. 1 cup of green tea or any other herbal tea before going to sleep helps to eliminate insomnia, deep sleep and other sleep problems.

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