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Mental Health

How to Improve Your memory power

This article will provide you with some basic lifestyle practices that will help you improve your memory power. This article contains invaluable information for students, public presenters, and other professions who rely solely on memory.

Memory loss is a depressing condition that can cause others to lose interest in you fast since they may assume you are not a good listener. This may not be the case, as your memory loss could be due to a medical condition such as psychological stress.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Memory and Recall


Imagine it’s only a few meters away from you, and imagine it in full color. This has proven to be a very effective way of increasing LTM.

 Keep sessions brief yet fruitful.

Experiments should always be kept short, with a duration of no more than 15 minutes. Controlled brain activity activities will reduce weariness and dullness, resulting in improved performance.

 Have patience

Persistence is a necessary requirement for good memorization. Never give up if you don’t see results right away because this technique is designed to help you achieve long-term goals and objectives rather than short-term ones. Nonetheless, after just a few days of practice, success will begin to knock on your door.

Keep a safe distance from all types of skeptics.

These individuals have a single goal in mind: to divert those who are on the right track to improving their memory. They have an analytical mindset and will question everything you do.

Other Techniques

That Are Crucial to the Process The majority of people underestimate the strength of their minds. Our daily activities have kept us so busy that we are oblivious to our natural God-given mental abilities.


Deep meditation

Meditation is one of the strategies that can be used. Here, one learns how to finely direct energy inwardly while yet maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility.

As a result, your mind will be more relaxed, allowing you to mold it in the direction you desire. When one is in this position, it is possible to break harmful habits, activate learning systems appropriately, and develop a striking attitude.

Pay close attention to the subject and investigate it from many viewpoints

Pay close attention to the subject of study at all times. You must pay attention so that you will be able to properly store this information in your mind.

Think about these important occurrences throughout the day so that they get ingrained in your consciousness.

Consider or continually image yourself in the location you choose, then pay attention to particular unique details.

This will enable you to benefit from a straight shortcut that will aid you in recognizing facts relevant to specific entities you wish to identify once more.

Taking yoga lessons

Yoga can also help you achieve a peaceful and positive state of mind. Their unique blend of traditional ethnic music, breathing techniques, and style will help you to find peace and tranquility.

All you have to do now is block everything out of your mind and let go. Others benefit from the wonderful ‘floatation method,’ which provides both relaxation and energy.

All you have to do now is lay flat on the surface of a pool or tank to get deep relaxation and good learning. As a result, one will feel properly energized and re-energized.

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Get enough rest for both your mind and body.

We currently live in a fast-paced, frantic society. Furthermore, we are prone to tasking our own lives on a regular basis.

This merely adds unnecessary stress to the brain, and the person’s memory will suffer as a result. A good night’s sleep will allow your mind and body to fully regenerate.

Make a set of lists

It’s critical to make a to-do list before starting your day. This will assist you in keeping your belongings nicely organized. You will efficiently clear your mind of all clutter, allowing you to remember more important information.

Eat just a healthy and nutritious diet.

Having such meals will enhance your brain’s ability to store information and recall it when needed.

Adequately supply the brain with new information.

You can read magazine articles, novels, or watch related educational programs to adequately feed your brain with new information. This is comparable to giving your brain periodic tune-ups, which is akin to what you would do with a car’s engine.

Reduce your intake of stimulants such as nicotine, coffee, and alcohol.

All of these drugs are stimulants since they constrict all blood vessels. In the long run, this would obstruct proper oxygenation throughout the body, notably in the brain.

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I am certified in addiction counseling, public health, health education, mental health and I am also an AIDS-certified registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience and founder of Hindi health point


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