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If you do not avoid that food, you will get kidney stones

How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones


Eating habits are mainly responsible for kidney stones. So if you want to avoid kidney stones, you need to eat more foods and avoid certain foods altogether.

Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, beans, fish, nuts and seeds. Eat foods that are low in sodium and sugar. So let’s find out which foods should not be eaten or should be omitted.

Avoid caffeine and soda
If you have kidney stones, you need to drink plenty of fluids. But do not drink coffee. Don’t eat more than two cups (250-500) of coffee, tea and cold drinks a day. Drinking extra coffee will make the condition of the kidneys worse.

Sodium rich foods
Eating sodium-rich foods should be reduced. Eating processed and canned foods should also be avoided. Because a lot of salt is given in these foods for preservation. Instead, eat less salty foods.

High protein foods
Eating high protein foods like meat and fish should also be reduced. Instead, eat lean meat cooked or boiled in a small amount of oil. Also avoid spicy foods.

Highly fatty foods
Eating high fat foods like cheese should also be avoided. Instead, eat low-fat dairy foods. You should also drink pasteurized milk for breakfast. Avoid high fat foods.

Calcium and vitamin D diet
If you have kidney stones, you should avoid foods that are high in calcium and vitamin D. Also avoid antacid drugs as they contain high levels of calcium. However, you can eat very small amounts of calcium-rich foods. Also be careful to eat fish oil or vitamin D. Because if you have kidney stones, these foods can make the situation worse.

Oxalate rich foods
If the stones in your kidneys are calcium oxalate then you must avoid foods rich in oxalate. Such foods are tea, coffee, beets, lentils, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomato soup, canned fruit salad, rhubarb or rhubarb, strawberries, etc. Also chocolate, tofu, nuts and coarsely ground grains should be excluded

Although not directly associated with kidney stones, alcohol can increase the risk of kidney stones. It contains purine which can make uric acid stones. Alcohol also impairs kidney function.

This fatty fish is quite tasty. But this fish can cause kidney stones. So it is safe not to eat this fish.

Used as many diuretics. But if you have kidney stones, it is better not to eat it. Beans and legumes, cauliflower, kidney and liver meat, mushrooms, olive oil and sardines should also be avoided.

Bonus: a few more urgent tips
No more than 75 grams of meat can be eaten at a time. The urge to eat ice cream, fried foods and salad dressings must also be curbed.
Drink enough water.
Adequate amounts of carbohydrates, oranges, lemons and lemon juice should be eaten.

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