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Cosmetic Surgery

Is PRP A Successful Hair Treatment?

PRP hair restoration is one of the hair loss treatments used around the world. People suffering from hair loss consider PRP treatment. But before the treatment, countless questions disturb the patients whether the treatment is the best hair restoration choice or not. Most of the questions regarding this treatment are related to the success of the procedure. In this write-up, we will discuss all the doubts that bother you when you ponder over this hair restoration treatment.

How does the PRP treatment for hair loss function?

The functioning of PRP therapy depends on the growth factors that are found in our blood. The platelet-rich plasma in our blood is the main ingredient of this procedure. The higher the concentration of platelets in your blood the greater are the chances of hair development. This growth element from your blood paves the way for healthy and improved hair growth. Your can get PRP hair treatment in Lahore at a very reasonable rate.

How is the treatment carried out?

The PRP treatment is a three-step procedure. The procedure is very simple. The three steps that are followed to complete the treatment are:

  • Blood drawing
  • Blood processing
  • Blood injecting

Blood drawing is the first and the most important part of the treatment. The blood is drawn from your arm using a syringe. It is then sent to the laboratory to be processed. This step takes only a few minutes.

In the laboratory, the blood is processed in a machine called a centrifuge. The components of the blood separate with the help of this device and the platelet-rich plasma are extracted. Which is then used for the final procedure?

The final phase is injecting the PRP to the scalp on the required areas. General anesthesia or numbing is applied to minimize the pain and ensure the comfort of the patient.

How long it takes to see results from PRP hair treatment process?

PRP injections for hair treatment yield observable results four to six weeks after the treatment. The complete and exact outcome takes 3-4 months to appear. However, a single session of PRP therapy for hair loss might not be sufficient to produce your desired results. So, follow-up sessions will be required to generate the best results.

PRP hair treatment success rate is 60%-70% when applied together with medications and contemporary remedies. Alone the PRP injections are less effective as to achieve excellent results more than one session is required.

The level of platelet in your blood impacts the effectiveness of the treatment. A higher level of platelet in your blood ensures effective and optimistic results. A person with lower platelet level may not be a good candidate for the procedure.

Does PRP work for frontal hair loss?

PRP hair loss is used to cure the receding hairline. It is inserted into the scalp to boost hair growth and avoid hair loss. Hence, a PRP hair treatment works for androgenic alopecia as well as frontal fibrosing alopecia.

Is PRP hair treatment hurtful?

PRP treatment is not painful. The needles used in the procedure make it look intimidating and patients panic. When the blood is drawn from the arm to be processed, the insertion of the needle in your arm causes a pinch-like sensation. However, if you are terrified of the needles you must know that the insertion into the scalp of the PRP is done through the needles but the scalp is numbed using medications to ease the patient.

PRP hair treatment is an effective hair loss remedy. The results last longer for the hair loss inflicted due to controllable conditions like nutritional deficiency or stress. On the other hand hair loss caused by genetic factors requires several sessions to be cured and to achieve results that upgrade your self-confidence.

Where to get PRP Treatment for Hair Loss?

There are hundreds of thousands of hair loss treatment clinics around the world. Some are offering quality work but many are looting money and delivering low standard service. In this environment it is very essential for you to do a thorough research about PRP hair treatment clinics in order to choose the right one for yourself. It doesn’t matter how far the clinic is you have to make sure that you get the best service because there is always a limited donor area on head.

First of all check the surgeon’s profile and his years of experience then check the facility under which he/she operating, how many hair will be restored, who will be the assistants and what will be the cost. By getting answers to all of these questions you will get a clear picture of how your treatment process will go on. This will help you in adjusting your budget for the whole process and time as well. For example f your desired hair treatment clinic is in another country then you have to collect details of flight and your stay expenses as well. How many additional procedures will be required in future is very important to know. Ask your consultant about it.

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