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Cosmetic Surgery

Is Transplantation Of Hair Permanent Method To Restore Hair?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is adopted to deal with male pattern baldness and thinning of hair. In this method, hair follicles are transferred from the donor site to the affected area on the scalp. So hair transplantation helps in the improvement of hair of people enduring hair fall.

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Hair transplantation produces long-lasting results. It is a permanent source for hair repair. A visible outcome is seen within months after the hair transplant. In some cases, follow-up treatments might be required to get the desired outcome.

Different types of hair transplantation systems

The two different types of hair restoration procedures are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation: It is also called a strip method. A strip of skin is withdrawn from the back of the scalp the hair follicles are then detached from the patch of skin and then inserted into the scalp. This is how a FUT method functions. The strip size depends on the number of hair follicles you require to be planted.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this method, individual hair follicles are taken out from the donor location and then transplanted to the recipients’ area on the scalp. The success rate of FUE hair transplant is 90% percent. Both the transplantation methods are permanent and produce long-lasting results.

What is the cost of a hair transplantation procedure?

A permanent hair transplant cost starts $1500 to $15000 depending on the kind of method and the number of grafts required to be planted. Besides, there are several other aspects directing to the increase in the hair transplantation cost.

Is hair transplantation a reliable remedy to hair fall?

Yes, a hair transplantation procedure is a reliable source to get the bald patches on your scalp restored with hair. It takes months for the proper growth of your hair. At first, the newly implanted hair falls. After that new hair will grow within a few months. More improvement will be seen in the following year.

Studies have proved that the hair transplant success rate is 80% to 95%. The success rate is pretty high which makes it a completely dependable source of hair repair. Each body reacts in a different way to the procedure, every individual’s result to a transplant might be different but it doesn’t mean that the hair transplantation is not a successful procedure.

People mostly are very satisfied with the procedure, so the hair transplant reviews are positive all over the world. The hair transplant technique, with its amazing results, has always gained positive reviews.

Is hair transplant painful?

A hair transplantation method is not painful. The procedure is accomplished using local anesthesia to numb the particular region so that the patient does not suffer any pain.

A hair transplantation procedure looks intimidating but is not a painful procedure. Postoperative medications help in relieving pain and discomfort. A little exhaustion after the surgery is normal, which vanishes soon after a peaceful nap. In short, the hair transplant treatment is not painful but a great experience for many patients.

What should I expect after the procedure?

After getting your implants, you will be having bandages over the implanted areas. You will have to take care of your activities for some days until you recover completely. Moreover, you will be given antibiotics and pain killers to avoid discomfort and infection.

Hair transplantation is a great process to replenish the hairline these days. The hair transplant price might be higher and not possible for everyone to afford but the outcomes of the treatment are incredible. Getting hair transplantation for hair restoration is a nice choice, as it is a risk-free and safe procedure. If you are concerned about the cost then you can look for hair transplant in Karachi, Pakistan online. You will find some affordable and reliable hair treatment clinics with state of the art facility in that country.

You can also check for different other non-surgical procedures for hair loss treatment other than hair transplant.

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