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Kareo EMR Review

If you are looking for an EMR that is affordable, ICD-10-ready, and Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2-certified, look no further than Kareo EMR. Read on to discover why this EMR is a good choice for small practices. We used it to manage our medical practice for over six months. This review focuses on the pros and cons of Kareo EMR. We hope you find the information useful.


Independent medical practices can now benefit from an ICD-10-ready EMR solution from Kareo, a leading provider of cloud-based medical software. The ICD-10-ready Kareo EMR includes a variety of important ICD-10 features, such as encounter validation, ICD-10 coding, and Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified EHR. The ICD-10-ready Kareo EMR is also HIPAA-compliant and Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified.

In addition to an ICD-10-ready EMR, Kareo’s cloud-hosted HER solution includes practice management and medical billing. Together, these features improve medical productivity and enhance patient care. With its help, you can focus more on your patients instead of managing a complex software system. Its integrated billing and practice management solutions can streamline your daily business operations and give you more time to focus on patient care.

To prepare for the transition, medical practices should conduct sta trainings. They should identify the ideal vendors for this training, and order training materials now. Additionally, medical practices should determine their current monthly practice budget. It’s also important to determine how they will fund the transition if payment delays continue. Plan on three months of delays, and have a backup plan in case of further delays. And don’t forget to submit test claims!

Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2-certified

Kareo is one of the leading providers of small practice services and cloud-based medical office software. The company recently completed a comprehensive certification process with the Drummond Group, an Authorized Certification Body recognized by the Office of the National Coordinator. This makes Kareo EMR fully Meaningful Use Stage 2-certified, making it one of the few EHRs that meets both Stages. Learn more about the benefits of Kareo clinical EMR software.

The Meaningful Use Manager is a point-and-click interface that is easily accessible by anyone. It is easy to navigate, which helps avoid disruptions and saves time. In case someone is no longer able to perform the work, the person who is responsible for this task can take over immediately. The software also makes instant data available for auditing purposes. And, of course, if the time comes to perform a Meaningful Use audit, the data will be readily available.

Easy to use

Kareo’s easy-to-use interface makes the program easy to navigate. The software includes features such as an e-prescription tool for a comprehensive library of medications. This tool is user-friendly, allowing the physician to add patient instructions, and sends prescriptions to pharmacies directly. Additionally, Kareo flags possible drug interactions, and it lets the physician add a favorite medication.

If you’re looking for robust EHR systems, Kareo is a great choice. The platform offers EHR and Medical Billing services, as well as Practice Management and Marketing solutions. In addition, Kareo has a dedicated Success Coach to help you get started with the program. With all of these benefits, switching to Kareo may be an easy process. But how do you know if it’s right for you?

One of the best features of Kareo is its robust messaging tool. The software’s automated message features include appointment reminders, post-visit communications, and surveys. These tools encourage patients to update their information and participate in polls and surveys. The messaging system is well-designed, and Kareo did a great job researching patient preferences and messaging. The implementation team tailors these templates to fit the workflow of a practice, and tests them prior to going live.


The cost of the Kareo EMR is relatively inexpensive, but some factors are more important than others. The system is very easy to use, and Kareo’s billing modules are particularly convenient. In addition to capturing charges, Kareo billing allows you to assign them to specific patients and insurers. The system also provides powerful analytics and reporting to help you understand key trends and profitable areas of your practice. Here are some things to consider when comparing the two products.

Kareo’s pricing is competitive. Doctors can sign up for the doctor-level EMR for $299 per month, and providers with master’s degrees can use it for as little as $149 a month. The software also includes training and support. Kareo also offers free online training and classroom-based consultations to help users learn how to use it. Compared to some competitors, Kareo is more affordable than many.

Previously, Kareo EMR was free, but it has since been redesigned into more effective plans. Unlike other EMRs that require a set-up fee, this software is now available for a monthly subscription fee. These subscription plans include all the features that a commercial EMR has, as well as free, ad-supported plans. Whether you’re in the market for an EMR or looking for a free alternative, Kareo has a plan for you.

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