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Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is categorized as a chronic disability in men that impairs them to get and retain an erection. Although it’s a natural part of aging, it tends to be uncommon at a younger age. Currently, available medications are for sure effective and useful, but there’s more scope ahead. The currently available medications don’t work for all men, as each has different requirements. Hence there must be an ideal treatment that works for all. Hence researchers are continuously working hard to figure out new treatment options.  This text describes some latest and newly developed ED treatments that patients can try.


1)  VED (Vacuum Erection Device):


Vacuum erection devices are the most common and side effects free treatment for people with erectile dysfunction. It can help you treat erectile dysfunction that is due to poor blood flow, excess blood flows out of the penis, and damage to nerves that lead to an erection. As per its side effects free nature in contrast to Viagra 150mg, people use it to treat ED caused due to anxiety. But understand that natural erection and erection due to devices are not the same.


  • Phoenix:


The Phoenix is something unusual and a different sort of treatment for erectile dysfunction. This treatment is completely safe, compelling, and non-invasive. This treatment needs zero downtime and is pain-free shockwave therapy. You can avoid side effects associated with ED meds by using Phoenix devices. You have to undergo this treatment two to three times a week and each time it takes about 17 minutes. Before going for it you must consult expert medical care professionals for success rates.


  • Vacuum pump or penis pump:


One of the most viable, safe, and effective treatments to cure erectile dysfunction is vacuum or penis pump. This pump consists of a plastic tube that covers the penis and has a battery that makes it work. It additionally has a band that sits at the base of the penis after erection. When you have enough practice using this pump correctly you will be able to have a happy sexual life. One of the major benefits of this pump is no side effects. And surprisingly the cost of this pump is lower.


2)  Penile injections:


By the virtue of science, now you have alprostadil injections that can work to give better erections. This drug further boosts blood vessels throughout the body by widening blood vessels. When there is enough blood flow to the penis, a man will be able to have hard and long-lasting erections. You can find these injectables in names like Caverject, Edex, and Prostin VR from the market. These injections must be used in men with erectile dysfunction and not recreationally. Also, you will need consent from your PCP before using it.


3)  Testosterone replacement:


Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is produced by testicles and is responsible for male sexual characteristics. One of the common causes of erectile dysfunction is low levels of testosterone. With increasing age, men might experience a decrease in testosterone levels, but at a young age, this might be a consequence of other diseases. Hence going for testosterone replacement therapy is a good idea. Certain studies have looked at the effect of testosterone therapy to restore the normal level of serum testosterone that the male body needs. Get yourself screened and talk to the doctor as soon as possible.


4)  Urethral suppository:


The urethral suppository is the latest and most beneficial treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. This is known to be part of vasodilators that widens blood vessels to increase the supply of blood to the penis. This medication causes an erection just because of its ability to cure issues with blood circulation. Remember that this is a medication and not a sexual aid, hence avoid it using recreationally.  You must also have a prescription from the doctor before using it. It boasts potential side effects and hence be careful while using it.

Doctor talking with patient in doctors office


5)  Penile transplant/implant:


Penile implants are generally devices that are to be placed in the penis so that a man could have successful erections that last long. This is the last stage of treatment for men with ED for whom all medications such as Avanafil have failed. There are two types of implants used for erectile dysfunction that are semi-rigid and inflatable. Both of them work differently and have different impacts. Know that not every man can go for penile implants and hence consulting your doctor is crucial. Also, these implants can help a man have an erection but won’t increase sexual desire and libido. Your PCP will screen you and your medical history before advising penile implants.

  • Inflatable implants are the most commonly used ones. It inflates and gives an erection at times and then deflates to normal conditions.
  • Semi-rigid implants are always hard. You can move the penis away from the body for erection and towards the body for losing an erection. 

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6)  Vascular reconstructive surgery:


Vascular reconstructive surgery is only for young men who are dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction. This surgery can help treat ED that has arisen due to traumatic venous leakage of the penis. It is one of those latest inventions in the field of treating erectile dysfunction. This process will increase the ability of the penis to trap the blood and help him retain an erection for a longer time. This treatment will involve bypassing blocked arteries. This will further clear the path for blood to flow and reach the penis. It is a highly professional surgery that needs to be performed by an expert.


7)  Melanocortin activators:


These are drugs that appear to act through the central nervous system / focal sensory system (for instance, the cerebrum). They have been displayed in creature studies to deliver an erection. Beginning examinations in people propose that the medication (PT-141) can be successful whenever given intranasally (through the nose) in men with nonmedical (mental/enthusiastic) rather than actual reasons for ED and gentle to direct ED. Bigger investigations will be important to show the wellbeing and generally speaking viability of these medications.




From the time when the very first medication Viagra, Cialis/Tadalafil, etc was developed, ED treatments have come a long way to penile implants. The future of ED treatments seems to be positive and there are plenty of scopes ahead. There have been plenty of advancements in treatment. Researchers are continuously looking forward and have to date developed the treatments mentioned above. Consult your doctor about all the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction to stay aware. Know that ED is completely treatable so that you don’t feel ashamed.




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Dr. Steven John

Steven john has two decades of experience in medical services and surgery. He specializes in endocrinologists, sexologists, human mental disorders, Erectile Dysfunction & other relationships expert. Dr. Steven John has closely worked with the leading manufacturers of the pharmaceutical industry. He is a founding member and Chief consultant of The Synergy Companies. His team of professionals takes into account that every person gets the best of the treatment at the most reasonable prices, and also ensures that our online platform is providing FDA-approved Erectile Dysfunction medicines and medical services. He believes that quality treatment should be available to everyone who needs it.

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