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FeaturedPhysical Health

Laying Down That Will Uplift Your Yoga Experience

Have a hectic routine all day?

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to sleep due to discomfort and lethargy. If you had a busy day along with some physical activity you can’t sleep well due to lower back pain or stress.

To have a good sleep you need to first relax. Try a few laying down poses before bed!

The laying down pose is beneficial as it helps you to sleep better and improves metabolism and reduces your stress level.


Let’s Start!

The Seated Spinal Twist:

It is one of the sitting postures that helps extend your upper body, including your neck, shoulders, hips, and back. Known as  Ardha Matsyendrasana helps in the relief, the improvement of digestion, the expansion of flexibility, lower back discomfort and the promotion of more restful sleep. All you have to do is, sit on a folded blanket, stretch your legs, and place your palm on your thighs to get done with this amazing yoga posture.

 Now you can, cross your right leg over after bending right knee, and place your foot close to your left thigh. Then, you have to bend your left knee and put your left ankle next to your right glute. Make your right foot stay on ground.

Legs up the wall:

Another laying down pose known as Viparita Karani, is another laying down pose that does not need too much flexibility. It surely can be a great way to get peaceful, to reduce tension and promote self-healing. After practicing this, your heart beat lowers.

Can’t sleep? Legs up the wall posture is method to think deeper and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Along with this, the inversion posture include improved digestion and circulation, as well as relief from migraines back pain, fatigued legs, and headaches.

Lay a pillow under your hips or head. You should keep your hips as near to the wall as possible. You can do the same thing with your headboard. Start to pull both legs up against the wall and place your arms to the sides.

Reclined bound angle:

Reclined bound angle, also known as Supta Baddha Konasana or Reclined Goddess posture, is a pose that can help you sleep better as it calms calming your mind. What you have to do is, stretch your shoulders, inner thighs, knees, and muscles, this greatly can  help you to reduce stress level. It also helps to maintain blood pressure.

Hope following the amazing laying down pose can help you feel better and get you a sound sleep.

Forward Fold While Seated:

If you’re looking for a pose while sitting, this is the one that can help you sleep well.This yoga pose, also known as seated forward bend or Paschimottanasana, which stretches both your hamstrings and your lower back. Because it is so peaceful, it amazingly helps you relax and boost your mood.

For this step to be performed you need a comfortable seat and stretch your legs in front of you, push your heels to the floor, and extend your feet to begin the sitting forward fold posture. Now, exhale and raise your arms above your head. Breathe out and lean back.

Intermediate Yoga Poses for Two People:

Another way to relax yourself by yoga is to have a nice partner with you.

Well, having a partner with you when you’re working helps you accomplish your task efficiently.

And this can be the case when you go for yoga poses.

Have your companion with you and get yourselves relaxed together!

Let’s begin with some yoga poses for two people, to get started with your partner.

The Shoelace pose:

To strengthen the upper part of body you can start with this. Get in mountain pose with your feet together, now step back into a lunge with your right leg until you touch ground with your knees.

Your partner needs to stand behind you and grip your wrists or forearms, so they pull them up and parallel with the ground. All you have to take care is balance.

Let your partner become camel:

This is the pose in which you have to bend down on the ground. Your partner has to lean again and raise their chest to the heavens. You can do this up to five deep breaths.

The triangle pose:

You have to start with one foot in front of the other. Remain in a flat back, bending at the hips until your body gets parallel to the ground, after, you have to keep looking at where your front foot points are to keep straight.

Continue till some breaths, then you may go for other side with putting your left foot out in front and bending towards the right side.

Seated Twist:

This is another good way for extending and stretching your spine to overcome back stiffness. Here, you sit with your legs crossed in front of you, along with twisting your upper body to right at this point you are supposed to keep your left hand on the floor behind you for support. For some time remain in this posture and then you can come back to the middle and continue other side.

Reclined Bound Angle:

A good relaxing and resting position that you may use at the end of your yoga or to take a break. Your partner lies down on their back, the legs should be bent and feet flat on the ground.

Get these yoga steps in your routine along with a friend and enjoy!

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