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Losing Weight to Manage Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a long-lasting health problem that influences how your body transforms food into energy. A significant part of the food you eat is broken down into sugar, also known as glucose, and released into your blood circulatory system. At the point when your blood sugar levels go up, it signals your pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin behaves like a vital component for allowing your body cells to use blood sugar as energy.

In diabetes, your body either doesn’t make sufficient insulin or can’t utilize the insulin it makes as it should. A significant amount of glucose stays in your circulatory system when there isn’t enough insulin. Sometimes, cells stop reacting to insulin. Prolonged diabetes can cause serious health problems, like heart disease, loss of sight, and kidney disease.

In America, almost 33 out of 34.5 million people have type 2 diabetes, and 1 out of 5 don’t even know it. It is the seventh biggest reason for death in the United States. In the past 20 years, the number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes has grown more than twice. Diabetes is the most significant cause of kidney failure, blindness in adults, and lower-limb amputations. It is the type that is most commonly connected to obesity or being overweight.

Diabetes cannot be cured entirely. However, it can be managed effectively by losing weight, eating a healthy diet, and working out regularly. Taking required medications on time, keeping blood sugar levels checked, getting diabetes self-management education, etc., can help reduce your symptoms in your life. Losing even a little weight can affect your diabetes symptoms, including your requirement for insulin.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is of three main types stated as follows:

Type 2 Diabetes

Your pancreas produces a hormone, insulin, that helps your body metabolize blood sugar. The pancreas secretes hardly sufficient insulin to “balance out” the sugar level in your blood in a healthy person. If you have type 2 diabetes, your body doesn’t use insulin effectively. There will be a time when your pancreas may not produce as much insulin as your body needs. It can cause an increase in the levels of sugar in your blood, ultimately leading to type 2 diabetes.

Around 90-95% of individuals with diabetes have type 2. It takes over multiple years to develop and is diagnosed in adults usually. However, it is diagnosed in kids, teens, and young adults even more. You may not see any symptoms, so it’s fundamental to get your blood sugar levels tested. Type 2 diabetes can be managed with lifestyle changes like losing weight, eating healthy, and working out.

How does being overweight affects diabetes?

Firstly, one must know that being overweight puts excess strain on your body, including your pancreas. When you intake a large number of calories, your glucose levels rise, which implies your pancreas needs to go into overdrive to secrete sufficient insulin to monitor your glucose levels.

Your pancreas can’t fulfill those extra needs forever. At last, it will not have the option to deliver as much insulin as your body needs. Simultaneously, being overweight interferes with your body’s capacity to use insulin, which means glucose levels can keep on rising, causing an increase in other risks of diabetes dangers such as follows:

  • heart problem
  • loss of vision
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • kidney problems
  • nerve damage
  • blood vessel damage

How can weight management affect diabetes?

Here is how shedding pounds may assist you with dealing with your diabetes successfully with less dependence on medication.

  • Losing extra pounds is essential for many reasons, but dropping excess weight is especially critical if you have diabetes or prediabetes.
  • Just by losing weight, you could reduce your dependence on insulin meds.
  • As losing weight helps decrease and manage your blood sugar levels ultimately, it can make it simpler for your pancreas to produce the “right” amount of insulin again. When the levels of insulin and glucose balance each other out, your body might require less “outside” insulin to metabolize glucose.
  • Lower glucose levels can likewise decrease your diabetes-related risks like the ones stated above.
  • Similarly, the decreased weight makes it simpler to remain truly active, which is fundamental in managing sugar and insulin levels.

How can Harbor Compounding Pharmacy help you manage diabetes?

The relationship between diabetes and weight is complicated as several factors are playing their parts. Yet, paying little heed to all that confusion, one thing is obvious: Learning how to deal with your weight can help manage your diabetes and overall health.

Gestational diabetes is caused because of the hormone replacement therapy produced by the placenta during pregnancy. These hormones cause the blood cells to be less sensitive to the effects of insulin. As a result, the sugar levels of a pregnant woman might arise. Women who are overweight during their pregnancy are more likely to experience it.

At Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, our team of qualified doctors helps diabetic patients learn how to lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight for a more rational and comprehensive way to deal with diabetes treatment. Visit Harbor Compounding Pharmacy or our website today for more information.


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