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FeaturedMedical Research

Medical Practice: How to Make More Efficient?

Physicians are constantly juggling their schedules. They must strike a balance between being with their patients and trying to improve their practice. Having administrative tasks to handle can put a dent in your plans if you’re trying to expand your medical practice while also seeing more patients.

You’ll want your practice to run as smoothly as possible, whether you’re a new or experienced physician. Here are some suggestions for increasing the efficiency of your medical practice.

Increase the efficiency of your medical practice’s technology

State-of-the-art modern technology can help your medical practice. You could, for example, integrate a new EMR system that can automatically convert your notes into medical codes. Upgraded technology allows you to enter and access data more quickly, allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

Streamline the operations of your medical practice on a daily basis.

You’ll be able to find and remove bottlenecks more efficiently if you’re always up to date on your medical practice’s daily operations. Among the areas that could be improved are:

  • Documentation in the form of paper
  • Coding and billing
  • Rejected or denied applications
  • Forms are being collected from patients.
  • Appointment booking

With that said, if you don’t know how your medical practice is currently operating, it might not be the best time to start now. If you can’t find bottlenecks or don’t know how to deal with the ones you do find, a do-it-yourself solution may end up causing you more work.

Recruit More Employees

A larger staff is a simple solution for increased efficiency. With more employees on hand, you’ll always have help when you need it. You’ll have more say over who works with you and what tasks they complete during the day.

If you take this route, you’ll have to train your new employees. You could try outsourcing services to a third-party company if you don’t want to train your own staff but still need more workers for your practice.

Administrative work can be outsourced.

A medical practice management company can assist with a variety of services, including:

  • Claims
  • Coding and billing
  • IT administration
  • Documentation
  • Marketing

When these tasks are delegated to experts, practice owners gain a significant amount of time to spend with their patients. If you require more comprehensive assistance than an IT upgrade can provide, or if you do not wish to hire in-house employees, this is the best option for you. Any medical practice that wants an expert to analyses their business can outsource their administrative work.

Why Do Medical Practices Benefit From Online Payments?

Convenience is everything in today’s world. We have smart devices in our homes that control our electronics, deliver food to our doorsteps, and now allow us to pay our medical bills online.

This isn’t even taking into account the looming threat of COVID-19, which forces people to find even more remote ways to complete tasks. This is an excellent time to accept online payments from patients for your medical practice. If your medical facility does not yet accept online payments, here are some reasons why it might be a good idea.

Patient Payments Have More Reliability

All businesses must be paid, and it is easier for them to do so if their customers have a simpler time making payments. Clients will find it much easier to make timely payments if you provide an option for online payments. This reduces the amount of uncollected revenue.

Patient Satisfaction and Engagement Have Increased

Patients will respond positively if their medical practices make it easier for them to pay their bills. As a result, patients will be more involved in their medical practices in general. There’s a lower chance they’ll forget to pay their medical bills, and you’ll see an increase in patient satisfaction thanks to the convenience of online payments.

Improved Patient Care

Patients who are self-sufficient with their medical bill payments will relieve your staff of this responsibility. This frees up your staff’s time to focus on other tasks, such as directly assisting patients.

Patients will be happier with their experiences at your medical facility if you reduce the number of payment calls you receive and the number of people working at the front desk.

Operational Costs Should Be Reduced

Having patient statements printed and mailed out multiple times becomes costly, not to mention time-consuming.

Payment Collection on a Continuous Basis

You’ll be able to save card information as well as information on patient payments if you use a good payment processor. This streamlines the process for your patients, and clinics will be able to set up recurring payments as well. You can reduce late and missed payments while improving your practice’s revenue flow with just one feature.

How Can Your Medical Practice Increase Patient Engagement?

You might think that because of social media and the ability to connect with people all over the world, patients aren’t as bothered by longer wait times. With all of the tablets and smartphones available nowadays, people should be able to pass the time until they can meet with a medical professional, right? This is not the case, and longer patient wait times continue to be a problem for medical practices. It could be a sign of bad practice management. While patients should anticipate some waiting time, it should not be excessive.

Furthermore, you should devote some time to increasing patient engagement and improving their overall experience at your facility, but how do you do this? Here are some ideas for improving patient engagement in your medical practice.


This is an important point to remember because patients will remember the comforts provided to them long after they have left. To make a patient feel more at ease, it doesn’t take much. All that is required is a few magazines to read, free Wi-Fi access, a television to watch, and perhaps a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy. These small details can really make an impression on your patients.


Patients are busy, so offering them brochures and pamphlets outlining ways they can care for themselves if they have specific conditions could be a good way to increase patient engagement. This keeps your patients informed while also encouraging them to adopt healthier habits in the future.

Information for Patients

This is another aspect of patient engagement that is often overlooked, but it is one that should be prioritized. Consider how many times you’ve been caught off guard after submitting medical claims or after patients have already left your office.

It’s not uncommon for patients’ phone numbers or addresses to change over time, so make sure to update this information, as well as their email address and insurance information. You can increase patient engagement by allowing them to review and update their information.

Want to meet the medical practice consulting services to make your practice more profitability and to increase your patient engagement.


Practolytics is a 20+ year old healthcare technology and management company. We partner with healthcare practices to provide end-to- end solutions including medical billing, healthcare consulting and practice analytics, allowing practices to eliminate revenue cycle management inefficiencies.

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