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Places On Your Body Where Your Tattoo Can Go Unnoticed

You may have everything figured out. You know the type of tattoo you want, its size, and where you want it. However, before you place a tattoo on your cheek or the forehead, you might want to sit down and think of the reputation it creates for you. Most people go for simple tattoos they can easily hide with their clothes. You may probably wonder about the point of a tattoo if everyone can’t see it. Well, some professions do not allow you to have a visible tattoo at work, so you might want to hide it till you are home with fewer clothes. Also, a tattoo may convey meanings known to you, and you’d probably not want people asking about it. Here are some of the places you might want to consider if you put a hidden tattoo.

On Your Neck, Below the Hairline

Tattoos on the backside of the neck are easily covered with long hair. The tattoo works best for women with long hair and men with dreadlocks. Unless you tie your hair in a ponytail, no one will notice the ink on the neck.

On Your Upper Thigh

It is the most common hidden tattoo. You may want to have a tattoo to show when you are out of work or having your free time by the beach. The thigh tattoo will work perfectly.

On the Finger Side

You can put a small tattoo on the side of your finger. It might be a drawing of your favorite animal, script tattoos, or simply your signature. Remember to choose something simple that can fit at the side of your finger.

On the Hip

Unless you are going swimming or a sand bath, no one can guess that you might have a tattoo on your hip. You can choose a relatively large tattoo around the hip area.

Below the Stomach, Where Your Thigh Begins

The pant lining tattoo is a favorite tattoo spot for most ladies. It might be a love symbol or a flower. Either way, it comes out beautiful due to the nature of the area’s brightness.

On the Upper Part of the Breast

When you wear your shirt or blouse, no one can tell that you have a cute tattoo on your boob. Wearing a contrasting bra will also make the tattoo match better with your skin.

Along the Backbone

The curving part of your backbone will conceal your ink well unless you are wearing a bareback.

Behind the Earlobe

This tattoo may be more painful than most. However, all tattoos are painful. However, the tattoo is not easily seen unless someone sees it in a flash.

On the Rib

A tattoo on the ribs is covered almost all the time. No one will see the tattoo unless you are wearing your bikini.

Inner Biceps

A tattoo on the inner sides of the biceps is commonplace for men hiding their tattoos. It is the perfect cover. When you put on your shirt, anyone can hardly guess that you have a tattoo on you.


A  back shoulder tattoo, whether on the right side or the right side, hides well when you wear your shirt. Remember to keep it low. As the tattoo rises to the neck, it might be slightly visible when wearing a round-neck t-shirt.

Although tattoo choices differ by interest, remember that you have a worklife and personal life. Ensure tattoos are not interfering with your job in any way. You can hide them at work and expose them in your personal space and time.

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