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Prevention and Alternative Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction

The best prevention of erectile dysfunction is a good health and a healthy lifestyle. All physical issues emerge from a poor health and agitated mind. A healthy body and a relaxed mid are the best prevention against any sexual weakness.

The instant solution of erectile dysfunction is generic Viagra 150 mg dose at least half an hour before the sex. But for males who do not want to take medicine for any reason, there are other alternative therapies. These therapies include vacuum tubes, acupuncture, Ayurveda treatment, specific diet, and using herbs.

Ayurveda treatment

Any male who prefer non medication therapies to get back normal erection must go for Ayurveda treatment. The whole treatment is highly specified catering to your requirements and needs. Your health and medical status are kept in mind while creating therapy. Your lifestyle and specific reason behind erection issue determine the nature of therapy and its ingredients.

Treatment will be in form of using herbs, herbal based products and dietary change. Gradually you will see improvement in your health and mental framework. The basic aim of therapy is to make your body relaxed, stress and tension free, and rejuvenate it at the same time. The combined effect is better health, relaxed mind and body full of energy. This energy is converted into sexual energy by your thoughts and feelings. You will never need ED drug dose for a hard erection, but if you feel you need a hard penile erection, you can use a dose of Levitra 60 mg. You will get maximum from the dose with a rejuvenated body.


Some males get a satisfactory result from this therapy. It involves pressing fine needles at the selected points on the body. The needles are pressed on the upper skin level only. The therapy is based on the assumption that blocked energy in the body is behind all medical, physical and mental issues. The blocked energy is released through pressing of needles and whole body functions normally.

The treatment is without use of any medicine. Each treatment session lasts up to 45 minutes. Some males get relief within few sessions.

Vacuum tubes for getting an erection

Hollow tubes create vacuum inside when a penis is inserted into them. The air is pumped out through the hand or battery operated pump. The vacuum relaxes the muscles and draws blood inside the penis. A band is moved from the tube to the base of the penis to sustain the erection. Again, vacuum tubes are used without medicines.

Natural remedies

Watermelon juice, berries, citrus fruit, and vitamin B complex diet is the best guarantee of a healthy sexual life. Along with other non-medication therapies, this diet will cover all sexual weakness for you. With these therapies, you will never feel need for drugs in adult life. However, in older age, there may be some less than hard erection. It will be due to less than normal blood circulation in older age.Here, you can use doses like Cialis 60 mg for smooth blood circulation.

In old age, it is natural to have some less than hard erection. You can get it hard with medicines. The healthy body and mind will support you to retain the desire for sex and sensitivity towards female touch. In combination with alternative therapies, you can use Fildena 100mg in older age. Instead of creating medical issues, this approach will extend your sexual life.

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