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Stay At Home, Stay Fit: 6 Fitness Tips While at Home During this Pandemic Lockdown

Because of the pandemic that the world is currently facing, people in most countries are obliged to stay at home and to not go to public places at all.

It is a must that citizens really comply to all the rules and regulations strictly implemented nowadays, so that everyone can take part in the betterment of the world’s current condition. Definitely, it is good to see how everybody is making efforts in helping even in his or her own little ways,and one of those is by simply staying at home.

There are those who feel extremely bored at home; they want to go out already, but again, the situation in our world right now is still very dangerous. So instead of unnecessarily ranting, why not take this time to work on one’s own health and fitness!

The tendency for people who are just inside their houses for months already is that laziness may intensely attack. That is one of the reasons why some might be having an unhealthy lifestyle at home during this pandemic that caused many countries to go on a lockdown.

Below are 6 fitness tips for you to take note and keep in mind while you are staying at home all day everyday during this pandemic



Without needing to hear it, you know how exercising and working out,especially these days, are vital. You stay at home 24 hours a day, and if you do not have work at home, online classes and other responsibilities, there is really nothing much to do.

That makes this your opportunity to make up for those days when you were so busy and unmotivated to pick up your exercise equipment and workout in the gym. Currently, you have all your time to decide when to schedule your exercise. Well, you are going nowhere but staying at home, so it’s not difficult. 

Also, since you cannot go out and move a lot, think wisely and make use of your ideal spaces inside the house where you can work out. It’s good if you have your own exercise equipment to utilize, but if not, you can look up fitness videos from the Internet to serve as your guide. Know that not all fitness routines involve exercise equipment; there are also dance exercises and walking exercises which you could perform even in a not very spacious area inside your house. 

Meanwhile, if you have a wide backyard or an extra room, you can also use that spot to exercise freely. If the area you are residing in is not that strict because it is safer than other places, you might also be allowed to jog around while observing proper protocol. The best situation is if you have your personal gym inside the house!

Exercise and workout at home so that when everything goes back to normal, when you go back to work and when you go back to school, you will not have a lazy and unhealthy body. rather an enthusiastic and well body.

Keep in mind that working out can be done not only inside the gym but also inside your house, most especially if you do have a particular place where you can do so. The presence of exercise equipment is very good but also optional, so that makes exercising adjustable in your favor as well.



When you are outside, you keep on eating, eating and eating. You do miss homemade food during those days, right? So this is another opportunity for you to enjoy food made with love inside your house. Make sure to eat healthy and drink healthy, especially since these trying times require people to be physically strong and healthy to resist disease-causing viruses and other harmful elements. 

Surely, you missed food from your favorite restaurants, fast food chains and snack bars, however, take this time to lessen your consummation of those foods you eat often, knowing that not all of them are healthy for you. Well, you can still have them delivered to your house today as you long their tastes, but remember, don’t buy and eat too much of them!

Furthermore, in your limited access to purchasing food and groceries, see to it that you don’t keep buying those not needed by your body. Eat wisely!



They say that everybody is being transformed into a chef because of this lockdown that most countries are having. Take advantage of the time you are spending at home by learning how to cook a new nutritious dish for yourself and also for your loved ones. 

If you just search and surf the Internet, you will see countless cooking tutorials, baking video guides and lists of unique recipes to try. Go for the healthy ones which you will very much enjoy at home! Who knows? You might discover your new healthy favorite now! 

At the same time, you can share your new learnings and discoveries in the kitchen to your friends and relatives who are away from you and to your family members who are with you. Call or chat with them online or via text messaging. In that way, it will not be just you who can stay healthy and fit at home but also others!



You cannot deny that because of the pandemic and the lockdown, one of the most time-consuming things people do is scrolling through their social media accounts. As you do that, make sure you do not forget to do the important stuff needed to be accomplished. Be certain that you’re not spending too much of your time on it while you can do better. 

Also, you can use your gadgets and social media accounts for fitness inspiration. Search for blogs, articles, write ups and posts about fitness stories and journeys that will encourage and empower you to work out with dedication because you want a healthier body and lifestyle! Since you were so busy in your paperwork in the office and tasks in school, you probably did not have time to completely read long, inspiring fitness journeys, so this could be a good time to do that too.



If you live in a city or an area where businesses and deliveries can still freely access from wherever, then you can also order some fitness items which you will need to exercise right at home. 

They could be small to medium-sized exercise equipment, workout clothes, nutritious workout snacks, hydrating and energizing drinks for regular workout and many more. While scrolling through your shopping application, you might be interested to buy a very helpful exercise tool, so you can do that especially if there are those specific stores and companies open and operating today.



Because you don’t have to go to school or drive to the office because the city is on a lockdown, you tend to stay up late at night. While that is fine since the same pressure does not apply in the meantime, you should not ignore the fact that sleeping well is also another important factor in staying fit. 

Give importance to sleeping enough hours. Also bear in mind that too much lying down on your bed won’t make you fit at all. It can make your body sore and weary. Aside from the fact that it will magnetize your body and make you lazy, it also hinders you from burning fat you need to bring burn, thus, you gain an unhealthy body!




Indeed, you might be only staying at home for months now, but that does not mean that you should forget about your own health and fitness. May these six tips remind you to still be productive at home even if you are in your comfort zone.



Nicole Ann Pore knows the importance of being fit, healthy and disciplined, and she shares her interest and knowledge about it through research and writing. From various exercise equipment and routines to the correlation of fitness to life, Nicole creates content that informs and even entertains. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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