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Types of Care Available in Assisted Living Communities

Many seniors choose to reside in assisted living settings to continue living independently while getting daily support to remain safe. Others look for assisted living communities that offer the following types of care to transition between varying degrees of independence.

Minimal Assistance

This level of care is suitable for primarily independent individuals who are mobile though they may use assistive devices. They may need help with housekeeping, transportation or meal planning, but they value their independence and choose assisted living to maximize their life quality. They also benefit from recreational activities and support for their social needs.

Hands-On Care

Individuals who struggle with daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and toileting may require higher degrees of assistance to remain safe. Facilities offering assisted living Gainesville MO can provide such residents with routine medical monitoring, medication and nutrition counseling and support to perform basic living tasks. Residents can also count on receiving appropriate physical and occupational therapies.

Memory Support

Assisted living communities help many seniors meet the challenges of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. For example, memory care wings can ensure the safety of residents who become disoriented quickly and experience memory loss. In addition, programs that provide mental and cognitive stimulation can help residents retain the highest level of independence possible and improve their lives.


Many assisted living facilities reserve considerable resources for all levels of nursing care. Additionally, residents can easily transition to greater levels of support over time as their needs change. Ultimately, some communities allow patients to receive the skilled nursing services and life-sustaining therapies they need during periods of advanced illness or while recovering from various conditions and surgical interventions. Palliative and end-of-life hospice care are also available for residents in dedicated nursing units of assisted living facilities.

Assisted living communities are an excellent option for seniors because they provide various care levels depending on a wide range of needs.

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