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What Can You Do to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Reverse Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

It is possible to reverse erectile dysfunction with a disciplined lifestyle and dietary modifications. The first step will be to understand the causes of the erection problem. The steps should lessen the impact of the causes and help you to gain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction makes it difficult for a male to get an erection for completing the intimate session. At the cellular level, the erection problem is due to lack of sufficient blood flow into the smooth tissues of the penis. Blood flow engorges the male organ which makes it easy to get an erection with physical stimulation. Reversing the erectile difficulties will be a series of steps to get back the erection health. Of course, the medicines overcome the issue within 60 minutes, but males prefer natural treatment to cure the problem permanently.

Understand the issues creating erectile dysfunction

Some kind of clarity on cause or cause behind erectile issues helps to take the steps to reverse the problem. Erectile issue is not a disease; it is a symptom of some underlying health or emotional issue. It could be diabetes, constant blood pressure, and obesity, formation of plaque in blood vessels or lack of desire for intimacy. Sometimes, blockage of blood vessels occurs without you feeling anything amiss. The blood vessels in the pelvic area or in the male organ are narrower than blood nerves elsewhere in the body. Any blood obstruction problem is visible through erection difficulties before it causes heart issues. So take the first sign of erectile problem, as an overall sign of declining health. Any cause is cured temporarily by using Tadalafil 60 mg Cialis , prescribed by the doctors, but the permanent cure comes only with dealing with underlying causes of erectile issues.

Lifestyle modifications

Lifestyle modifications include diet change, exercises, and leaving aside any habit that is causing health issues. Change your diet by including more vegetables, fruits and nuts in daily servings. There are green vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits that push blood flow by clearing blood vessels. spinach , broccoli, kale , berries , pomegranate juice , citrus fruits , almond , walnut , fish , and garlic , etc will ensure that you retain smooth supply to blood to the smooth muscles of the penis . These food items, according to the online medical team of medsstore.online , dilate blood vessels to create additional support for blood supply.

Second step in modification is to stick to some form of exercises. It could be jogging, simple walking or swimming or skipping. The idea is to create movement in the body to burn fat, stretch muscles and promote blood flow. Exercises also make it easy to take fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to different parts of the body. Again, take something that you can stick with for a longer period of time to gain the desired results.

Intimacy with the partner

Give importance to intimacy with the partner. During erectile dysfunction days, you may neglect the closeness with the partner. Never do this, as it will further make it difficult to overcome the psychological cause of erectile dysfunction.  Psychological causes include anything that upsets mind or fear of under performance. It could be stress, anxiety, depression and guilt or a low feeling for intimacy. These days relationship issues are also dominating the emotional cause of erectile issues.

Find the reasons which are causing stress, anxiety or depression. No one can totally remove these factors from life forever. But reduce their intensity so that they do not interfere in your day to day life including intimate life.

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Keep communication open with the partner

Never stop the communication as it ensures that there is no misunderstanding emerging between two individuals. It also helps the partner understand that you are temporarily dealing with some issues, and it has nothing to do with some affair with others in life. Maintain intimacy even if you have to use medicines. There is no harm in using Generic Levitra 60mg with medical guidance to keep up the intimate part of life. Gradually with modifications, and improved confidence, there will be no need for medicines.

Increase intake of food items to increase libido

Low libido is a major crisis in mid-aged males. It leads to withdrawal from intimacy which further complicates the erection issue. Vitamin B 1 diet is an excellent way to replenish your libido stock. include beans , wholemeal bread , walnuts , milk , red meat , avocado ,  yogurt , egg yolk , and dry yeast in your diet for increased libido .


It is possible to get back a normal erection without medicines. Dietary modification with an active lifestyle, relaxed mind and increased intimacy with the partner will help you to get a normal erection process. It will take time to see desired results, but stick with new lifestyle to get permanent benefits for a healthy body and relaxed mind, which will automatically ensure a healthy erection process.


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