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What Causes Scalp Bumps and How To Get Rid of Them?

20 Years ago an herbal complex came out on the market and addressed the health of the scalp through deep cleansing the hair follicles and skin pores or scalp buildup, gunk and even hair product residue. When this complex was available in shampoos one of the side effects was that Zincplex helped to eliminate scalp bumps including scalp acne, pimples, breakouts on the forehead and behind the hair line to the crown of the head and the back of the neck.

All of these “good side effects” got the attention of the public that had been searching for a product to help with oily scalp and acne as well as greasy hair issues that seem to come with skin and scalp conditions such as hyper seborrhea, eczema, seborheic dermatitis and similar issues. The results of several studies found out that the herbs when combined in a synergistic complex would literally melt away product buildup and sebum buildup that would actually clog the hair follicles and pores. These were referred to as sebum plugs. It would also flush out the hair follicle through an irrigating type of effect.

This would include a flushing of bacteria, candida type yeast and also fungus that was known to feed off the excess sebum. So two birds were getting taken care of with this herbal complex. The sebum that was the food for the bacteria and fungus and that was also clogging the hair follicle was being flushed. But the bacteria that was actually causing a lot of the scalp symptoms such as itching, flaking, swelling and irritation was also being flushed out when these herbs were used. Further testing showed that these herbs alone did not work and they also worked best when used with a mineral called zinc pca.

What Is This Herbal Complex Called?

It is called Zincplex and today is used in several different shampoos and scalp lotions as well as skin care products to purify and deep cleanse the sebum plugs from the follicles and pores. The Complex was originally put together because a trichologist had found that the herbs thyme and sage were out performing one of the medicinal shampoos on the market for his customers with regards to itching and flaking associated with dandruff and seborrhea.

This was the first time that anyone documented a trial on thyme and sage in a shampoo or scalp treatment. From there burdock, tea tree and ivy were added along with fenugreek. This was done for more irrigation of the hair root – deep cleansing power – and also to help remove the very hardened build up. This was shown to work on even hard scalp bumps that other shampoos, including clarifying shampoos could not help. The final addition was that of zinc pca.

This natural form of zinc is added to a salt and the result is nature’s defense against fungus and also bacteria as well as mites. This is done without having to add any medical or anti fungal ingredients. The smell was really good and rated 9 out of 10 by active participants.

if you are having scalp issues that include but are not limited to: scalp acne, zits, over active sebum glands, scalp buildup, white gunk or junk on the scalp or in the hair, hardened or crystallized sebum oils in the hair or on the skin, itching, flaking, sores and scabs and much more including blisters then you need to try and herbal solution that many believe offer a long term solution to the symptoms of the issues listed above. Another good option in  a mineral scalp scrub but this is only good for external sebum plugs and while it does open hair follicles that are plug from the exterior it does not do anything for deep clogged follicles. This is where the Zinc Complex is so important.

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