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What is dependence drug addiction?

Dependent Drug addiction is a state of the body that cannot be easily stopped even if you try to stop using the drug while repeatedly abusing the drug. Drug dependence is classified into two types: psychological dependence and physical dependence A common feature of addictive drugs is the formation of psychological dependence, and the essence of drug dependence is psychological dependence. Ingestion of addictive drugs activates the dopamine (A10) nervous system in the brain, resulting in a very strong euphoria and euphoria.

It is thought that repeat ingestion causes abnormalities in nerve function in the brain, and this sensation cannot  forget leading to psychological dependence. In a psychologically dependent state, even if the effect of the drug  diminishes or disappears, physical disorders such as hand tremor do not appear in principle, but a strong desire to take the drug occurs. The desire to take a drug causes psychological dependence is called “thirst”, and this makes it difficult to stop using the drug. “I want to get a drug anyway.”,

The behavior of sticking to the drug acquisition from such a desire is called “drug search behavior”, and a familiar example is when a smoker always behaves so as not to run out of cigarettes. On the other hand, repeated use of a drug with physical dependence diminishes the effect of the drug, and when it disappears, craving occurs, and at the same time, withdrawal symptoms such as hand tremor and diarrhea develop. Escape from this pain and discomfort increases the thirst for drug intake. Therefore, physical dependence  considers to have the effect of strengthening psychological dependence, which is the essence of drug dependence.

Drugs with a risk of abuse mainly act on the brain and affect mental activity, and by agitating or suppressing the central nervous system, they cause euphoria, euphoria, drunkenness, and anxiety. It works to remove and bring about hallucinations.Drugs with strong central excitatory effects such as stimulants and cocaine have only the formation of psychological dependence, and drugs with central depressant effects such as heroin have the effects of forming psychological dependence. Drugs regulated by the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law (Narcotics Law) are “narcotics” and “psychotropic drugs”. The classification differs depending on the laws and regulations that form the basis of the crackdown, such as the law). Illegal drugs are “those that have a central action similar to these regulated drugs and are abuse” and are a general term for designate drugs or unregulate chemical substances.

Illegal drugs

Among the illegal drugs, the natural product-derived components caused health hazards due to the abuse of the so-called “magic mushroom” containing psilocin and psilocybin, and the abuse of illegal drugs (then legal drugs at that time) surfaced for the first time. Of the illegal drugs, synthetic compounds are also called “designer drugs,” and there are compounds relates to narcotics and stimulants, and the spread of their abuse is currently a serious problem. On the other hand, “narcotics” and “psychotropic drugs” include drugs that distributes as medicines, and because the medicines are legally obtain and abuse, the drug problem is difficult to surface. There is also. Therefore, it is important to understand the basic effects and symptoms of drugs that are at risk of abuse.

Drug addiction and chronic addiction

When a large amount of a drug take in a single dose, the powerful action of the drug may exerts and in some cases, the patient may face a life-threatening situation such as unconsciousness or coma. This is a sign of acute poisoning due to substance abuse, and the presence or absence of drug dependence does not matter, and recovery can expect with appropriate treatment. On the other hand, if a person who addicts to a drug repeatedly abuses the drug, he / she will develop physical and mental disorders even if he / she stops using the drug. This is a symptom of chronic drug poisoning. An example is stimulant psychosis, which causes symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions with repeated use of stimulants.

Such disorders can  expect to treat to some extent through treatment for about 3 months, but even if the hallucinations and delusions disappear, it does not mean that the drug dependence itself can treat. In other words, from the time when the symptoms of chronic drug addiction have subsided, the steps to treat and recover from drug addiction proceed. Thus, it is very important to understand and identify the difference between drug addiction and chronic drug addiction. Regarding the treatment of drug addiction and chronic drug addiction, we will promptly cooperate with related organizations (medical institutions, mental health and welfare centers, health centers, rehabilitation center in Islamabad facilities, etc.) in the area that handle drug problems with the consent of the person, depending on the condition. It is important to carry out aid activities.

Behaviour Problems:-

Various problem behaviors of young people Drug problems hidden in the shadow of behavior
It thinks that the cause of substance abuse is often due to curiosity or invitation from colleagues. Recently, with the spread of the Internet etc., it has become easier to obtain information on drugs. And I am fascinated by phrases such as “being thin”, “getting confident”, and “being refreshed”. And it is a dangerous drug. There are many cases of drug addiction without knowing it. Furthermore, with the spread of information tools such as the Internet, the availability of drugs is increasing. Therefore, it is becoming a very common problem that any young person may experience. Rather than the traditional problem peculiar to the juvenile delinquency type. Therefore, it is very important for those who provide some support to adolescents.. Basically to learn basic knowledge about substance abuse and addiction.

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Drug problems do not surface easily, and in many cases they gradually become more serious with the problem hidden inside. In such cases, as a result of substance abuse. First of all, disorder of general lifestyle, difficulty in working, debt, etc. usually appear as problems. At first glance, these seem to be only temporary problem behaviors that are common to young people who have stumbled upon independence. But if there is a drug problem behind them, support including that perspective is indispensable.

Many of the problems that have surfaced are, so to speak. Secondary symptoms caused by the person’s substance abuse. And it is difficult to solve them fundamentally unless the drug problem starts. Therefore, those who support young people should always pay attention to whether there is a drug problem behind various problems, and if they find that there is a problem, they should provide appropriate support for solving it at an early stage.

Flow of drug addiction treatment

First, if the psychological and physical symptoms caused by the drug are significant. It is necessary to treat them at a medical institution. Treatment of drug addiction begins after these symptoms have subsided. Unfortunately, the drug that suppresses the thirst for drug intake (therapeutic drug for drug addiction) has not  develop yet. So it is important to continue to stop the drug. And it is necessary to participate in the recovery program from drug addiction for that purpose.

For long-term recovery, acquire correct knowledge about addiction, acquire skills to live without drugs, build relationships with future colleagues who aim to recover from addiction, and general life. Various efforts require to prevent recurrence, such as solving problems (family relations, debt problems, etc.). Although the content and fulfilment of the program varies depending on the medical institution. It is difficult to do all of these within the medical framework. So we will actively promote local resources such as self-help groups as a place to support long-term recovery. It is desirable to use it as a target.

Importance of working with family members

Drug addicts have a variety of adverse effects not only on them but also on their families. In the early stages, families tend to be optimistic. They are using it out of curiosity and will someday quit. But as addiction progresses, addicts take the drug on their own. It becomes irresistible and eventually causes problems such as debt, accidents and incidents. As the family struggles to deal with various problems caused by addicts, their bodies and minds become exhausted.

It gradually becomes difficult to make calm judgments and take appropriate actions. A confused family desperately tries to solve the problem at hand and help the addict, but ironically. The family’s efforts themselves have resulted in helping the addict’s drug use. It is not uncommon for them to lost. For example, as a result of a family member taking over the debt. The addict is able to borrow again and continue to use the drug. A series of family behaviors that try to stop drug use. And eventually support drug use by addicts is called “enabling behavior.”

Family illness

In this way, drug addiction is also called “family illness”. And since the family plays a very important role in its recovery. We will support the family to function as an effective resource for recovery. Is extremely important.

When providing support for substance abuse / addicts.It often happens. That the person does not readily admit the drug problem.Or even if he admits it. He refuses the assistance for that purpose at first. Even in such a case, it is expected that by first connecting the family to appropriate resources. The family will be able to actively work for recovery. And as a result, movements toward a solution will develop. can.

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