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What Is the Difference Between Androgen and Testosterone?


There are plenty of chemicals and hormones in the male body but the ones in the limelight are androgen and testosterone. Generally, people confuse both of them and consider them as one. Although testosterone is a type of androgen, androgen is not only about testosterone. There are different androgens present in the human body and testosterone is one of them. There is a keen difference between what they do for the human body. Having low or high levels of both of them could be hazardous to a great extent. This text describes the difference between androgens and testosterone.


Androgens are the group of sex hormones that give men their ‘male’ characteristics (collectively called virilization). The major sex hormone in men is testosterone, which is produced mainly in the testes.


What is androgen?


Androgens are a gathering of chemicals or hormones. There is a tonne of misinterpretations about testosterone and different androgens. Individuals will quite often think about both of them as male hormones. But the testosterone is the main chemical for sex hormones for men. Androgens don’t simply affect sexual wellbeing; they additionally assume a part in digestion, insulin affectability, and dispersion of muscle to fat ratio. Androgens may likewise affect the bone thickness and cardiovascular wellbeing in cis-sex ladies, and some examination recommends that they might affect cerebrum capacity and disposition, however, more exploration is required. Androgens additionally seem to affect the capacity of the endometrium and may assume a part in setting it up to help a likely pregnancy.

Note:- The testicles in the male reproductive system and the ovaries in the female reproductive system make androgens. The adrenal glands that sit on top of each kidney also produce these hormones.


What is testosterone?


Testosterone is delivered by the Leydig cells in testicles in men and by the ovaries in ladies. Additionally, little amounts of it are created by the adrenal organs in the two genders. It is an androgen, implying that it animates the improvement of male attributes.

Testosterone is known to be responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men and is found in the necessary amount. This chemical likewise flags the body to make fresh blood cells, guarantees that muscles and bones stay solid during and later adolescence, and upgrades moxie both in people. Testosterone is responsible for tallness, body and pubic hair development, an extension of the penis, testicles, and prostate organ, and changes in sexual and forceful conduct. You can use medicines for example Cialis 40mg to increase testosterone levels.


What happens when there is an alteration in testosterone levels?


Low testosterone is a condition where the testicles don’t create sufficient testosterone. It is a male sex chemical. In men, testosterone keeps up with and create:

  •   Sexual elements
  •   Satisfactory degrees of red platelets
  •   Bone thickness
  •   Feeling of prosperity
  •   Sexual and regenerative capacity

Low testosterone influences practically 40% of men matured 45 and more established. You must characterize ordinary testosterone levels as they can fluctuate for the day and are impacted by BMI, sustenance, liquor utilization, certain prescriptions, age, and disease. As a man ages, the level of testosterone in the body continuously drops. This regular decrease begins at age 30 and proceeds around 1% each year for the duration of his life.

  low and testosterone  

What happens when there is an alteration in levels of androgen?


Androgen levels decrease with age, various elements might be causing it. Specifically, any reason for helpless general wellbeing, including obesity, will bring down testosterone. Late exploration shows that androgen levels don’t drop altogether in solid more seasoned men. The effect of the fall in the levels in more seasoned men is as yet not perceived. There has been a lot of researches around ‘andropause’ or ‘male menopause’, recommending that numerous more established men would profit from testosterone treatment. You can also try medicines such as Vardenafil (Levitra) for your testosterone levels.

Try not to begin any testosterone treatment without cautious determination of androgen inadequacy. Testosterone levels must be low and that can be demonstrated reliably using tests. You must deal with medical issues first, which might make testosterone substitution treatment pointless. Young men who have not finished pubescence ought to just be treated by pediatric chemical subject matter experts.


alteration in levels of androgen


Is testosterone identified as androgen?


Androgens are nothing but a gathering of sex chemicals or hormones. They assist with the initiation of adolescence and assume a part in regenerative wellbeing and body advancement. Both males and females make androgens, however, guys make a greater amount of them. Testosterone is the most well-known androgen. The gonads in the male regenerative framework and the ovaries in the female contraceptive framework make androgens. The adrenal organs that sit on top of every kidney additionally produce these chemicals. Testosterone is the transcendent androgen in all sexes. Different androgens include: 


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S).

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


Is androgen also called testosterone?


No, Androgens are synthesized in the testes, the ovaries, and the adrenal glands. Androgens increase in both males and females during puberty. The major androgen in males is testosterone.



While people think of androgen as a primary sex hormone that governs sexual capacity, it is not the entire truth. Testosterone is important for your sexual capacity and governs your sex drive. But androgens are important for plenty of reasons including the development of male characteristics. Keep an eye on your hormone levels so that you can enjoy a healthier and better life. Uneven levels of both chemicals could be a cause of concern. 






Also, read this: Does training legs increase testosterone levels?


Dr. Steven John

Steven john has two decades of experience in medical services and surgery. He specializes in endocrinologists, sexologists, human mental disorders, Erectile Dysfunction & other relationships expert. Dr. Steven John has closely worked with the leading manufacturers of the pharmaceutical industry. He is a founding member and Chief consultant of The Synergy Companies. His team of professionals takes into account that every person gets the best of the treatment at the most reasonable prices, and also ensures that our online platform is providing FDA-approved Erectile Dysfunction medicines and medical services. He believes that quality treatment should be available to everyone who needs it.

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