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Why Adults Like Taking Anabolic Steroids?

Steroids are similar to certain hormones in the body. The hormones are produced naturally by the body where the same hormone when made by humans become steroids. The hormones support the immune system, improving growth and development of muscle or organs. The steroids are used in the form of pills, creams, injections or creams.

Another form of steroids which is considered as the most potent form is, anabolic steroid also called anabolic androgenic steroids. These are fabricated hormones that are same as that of male sex hormones called testosterone. Currently, there are more than 100+ varieties of anabolic steroids available in the market. Testosterone helps build up muscle and masculinity in boys who suffer delayed puberty like deepening of voice and hair growth. The aggression level of a person is also affected by the amount of testosterone. That is one of the reasons why athletes take anabolic steroids to get the testosterone kind of effects.

Steroids were initially developed to be used for medical purposes but with a passage of time they were introduced in sports. The use of steroids was not even known for years but now the players have to go for the doping test if their stamina is found exceptional.

On the other hand, steroid supplements are a comparatively weaker form of androgen. But when they are taken in higher doses they give amazing outcomes just like testosterone. Their role in athletic performance is not appreciated. However, anabolic steroids have astounding effects and these effects make the people use them especially those who want to achieve health-related goals.

It can be clearly seen that the majority is using steroids either due to medical reasons or to keep them looking attractive. Many actors and models along with bodybuilders are found taking steroids for the same reason. And that is to get a good physique and to improve their stamina and physical strength. However, many people at old age have started using steroids. Because of the fact that they think that the steroids will help them look smarter and they will live long.

How Do Anabolic Steroids Work?

Anabolic steroids work by stimulating the muscle tissue and gain weight by giving them the same effect as that of naturally produced testosterone on the body. Steroids have gained popularity because they provide increased endurance, strength and muscle mass and stay in the body from a few days to a year. However, the studies do not reveal that the use of steroids improves skill, dexterity etc. of the user.

Why is the trend of using steroids among adults getting common?

Adults who want to make themselves look and feel smarter along with boosted sexual performance have started using steroids. It is a common concern nowadays that people in their 40s and 50s are more prone to use steroids. Not even this, the people in their 60s and 70s are also seen to be in the same boat. The main reason for such adults opting for steroids is to improve their energy level and fight against the effects of ageing that include body fats and lower libido. However, the use of steroids may lead to some serious health issues such as cardiac arrest and blood clotting.

According to the research made on the use of steroids by adults, the trend of taking steroids in the users with the age over 50 years has increased in the past five years. Now this number has doubled up. The same research says that more than 30,000 people being 40+ are found using steroids in the UK. One of the reasons for taking steroids by adults can be that old people want to maintain their looks and want to stand alongside the younger generation who are more thoughtful about their looks and for this reason they buy Anavar, Dianabol and even Trenbolone injectable.

The use of steroids starts with a three months cycle with a comparatively lower dose. It is observed that older people opt for taking less but for much longer time. That is one injection every seven to ten days.

As per the physicians who are asked for help from the older guys they say that these days. Men feel more pressure on how to look good and that’s the reason they spend more time going to gym and dressing up well. Another thought that can lead to growing popularity of using steroids can be, the people want to live longer and expect more from life. However, sometimes, the users discontinue the consumption and this can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms that may include mood swings and anxiety.

Why Do Adults Like Taking Steroids?

We conclude the following reasons due to which the trend of taking steroids in adults have raised to its maximum in the last few years is:

  •   They want to maintain a particular physique to keep themselves fit which means they are more concerned         about their appearance.
  •   The feel that taking steroids can help them have a long life.
  •   This wants to increase their muscle mass, endurance, and stamina.
  •   They want to boost their sexual performance.
  •   This wants to augment their energy level and do not want to look either unhealthy or less smart than others.

Despite all the facts, the side effects that are caused due to steroid misuse must not be overlooked. And the use of steroids for any reason cannot be justified specifically. If they are taken without any prior consultation with the doctor.

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