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Your gut health can impact a woman_s sexual health in unexpected ways.

It is not a mystery that your gastrointestinal tract can interfere with the way you have sex. In case you’ve full or undergoing indigestion, the discomfort associated with it can surely intervene with your sex life. But, there’s an influential, surprising link between your sexual health and your gut health which is still under investigation by scientists. It’s crucial not to undervalue the strength of the gut.

GIT performs a role in the generation of chemical substances that can impact sexual health

Initial and most leading, your libido is linked with the gut through serotonin. Scientific research has started to reveal the fact that a significant amount of this chemical is produced by the bacteria in the gut. Serotonin does not just control mood and despair, it additionally regulates movements of the bowel and nauseated feelings.

Importantly, levels of serotonin also play a part in how frequently we have sex. Higher serotonin levels inhibit sexual desire, and this explains why antidepressants that increase serotonin result in worsened sexual health. However, lower levels can boost your libido. A gut producing different serotonin levels might induce mood swings and changes in sexual desire resulting in a shifted sexual landscape.

Bacteria in the gut can cause UTIs

GIT health is also essential with regard to the maintenance of our private parts. According to research data from 2013, between 50% – 60 % of women will encounter UTIs in their lives. A research carried out in 2017 discovered that it is not just the one transfer of bacteria from the GI tract to the vagina or bladder. Gardnerella vaginalis, a bacterium located in the vagina, is able to trigger repeated UTI problems, it makes the leftover E.coli grow again, producing a new infection. Modern antibiotics cannot treat Gardnerella vaginalis, and this is possibly the reason why recurrent UTIs are very challenging to treat.

It is likely that our normal flora can make us appear attractive

As concluded by the research of microbiologist Susan Erdman, the microbes of the gut might be important in making us look good and attractive. Which is a basic ingredient of sex. She addressed The New York Times that “these microbes affect our skin, nails, hair, also our oxytocin levels”. She named it “the glow of health”, and strongly considers that it has a powerful role to play in whether we look sexually attractive to others or not.

Your GIT health might not be the 1st thing on your mind at the time you choose to have sex. But it has a more inclusive role to play in your sex life than anyone can imagine. If don’t keep your gut healthy, odds are that its consequences might get felt in your room.




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